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Oct 08

Blind Appeal has been proud to serve the Treasure Valley for the past 14 years providing a wide variety of products from the leading manufactures in the industry. We are able to provide incredible window finishings to match any budget and make your house the home you have always wanted. Our skilled installers are known for their customer care, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship. Above all of this, Blind Appeal is a family business. Being a family business we know that creating a safe home for your family is far more important than any style or design. That is why we are excited to highlight our cordless options for blinds for National Window Covering Safety Month.


Cord-controlled blinds present a real hazard to young children and even pets. Over 16,000 children are treated by emergency medical services each year due to window blind cord-related injuries. These cords prove so dangerous that the Consumer Products Safety Commission considers corded window blinds to be among the five most dangerous hidden hazards in homes. The commission recommends only cordless window coverings in any place children might live or visit. Bringing attention to this serious problem is something that is important to Blind Appeal. Now is the time to ensure that your home is first and foremost safe for every member of your family. This is why Blind Appeal is excited to share the opportunity to go cordless for free. 


Graber is a leading manufacturer of window blinds. With expertly curated collections, they have a product to meet your needs and personal style. And for a limited time, they are offering free cordless lift upgrades on their popular Gorgeous Graber Pleated, Natural, Solar, Roller Fresco, Roman, and Fabric Shades. Now is the time to upgrade the look and style of your home while also making your home safer. Graber Shades with cordless lift have been certified as Best For Kids. This award is from a home safety organization that uses an independent lab to test home products for safety with children and pets. Setting the industry standard for incredible design, functionality, and style; Graber is also leading the charge for home safety. Their drive to make every home safer for children has created this incredible opportunity to get cordless lifts for free. 


Like all good things, the free cordless lift upgrade will not last forever. Don’t waste any time taking advantage of this great offer. You only have from October 14th through December 31st, 2021 to take advantage of this amazing offer. Give your family a Christmas gift that will provide you with beautiful window finishing and priceless peace of mind. Give the team at Blind Appeal a call today and schedule an estimate with our awesome team. Taking advantage of this deal is an easy decision to make. The tough decision is what gorgeous Graber window finish to choose. Luckily, the Blind Appeal team is incredible at helping you decide what window finish will work best to meet your home style and personal budget.


Sep 29

As the season change is just upon us we begin to enjoy the cooler fall weather and see the beginnings of beautiful color change happening in the trees everywhere we look. Living in the Treasure Valley means we get the benefit of enjoying all the seasons. For many of us, fall is the favorite time of year. The view from the Foothills around Boise reveals a patchwork of color as the trees of the valley change to all different shades of reds, yellows, and orange. Start breaking out the sweaters and jackets to stay warm while enjoying some of the great football we get to enjoy here supporting our Boise State Broncos. As proud Boise State Home Team Sponsors, football and basketball season is our favorite!


There are so many ways to get out and enjoy the great fall weather in the Treasure Valley, but fall is also a time when we get to enjoy staying in as well. The early nights make evenings at home all the more cozy and enjoyable. Here are some great tips on some timeless and new trends to bring the fall into your home decor so that you can fully enjoy the season even from the comfort of your couch.


Throw Blankets

This season is a great time to bring out those treasured quilts and afghans. Every chair and couch can benefit from a well-placed throw blanket. Ensure you and your guests are comfortable by always having a blanket option available. We find that homemade treasures are great conversation pieces that not only provide great decor with their added texture and color options but also heartfelt comfort. Even if you don’t have any homemade ones in your collection yet, throw blankets can be found in abundance at home decor stores, and now is the time to feature them in your house. 



With the beautiful fall colors, we also get a sunset that comes earlier and earlier with every passing day. This means that lighting is becoming a more and more important feature of your home. Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your home and bring in the tones of the season. More than just a gimmick, smart bulbs have become a fantastic addition to any room. If you have not looked into these yet we recommend you do so now. Control the strength of the light as well as the tone and color of the light all from your phone. With as many choices as there are colors, these lights can turn a room from a bright study space to a cozy movie theater without you ever having to get out of your seat. There are many great brands out there now and Wirecutter offers an in-depth look at your options and gives you great recommendations for the bulb for you. 


Finally, candles can bring in the beautiful quality of light as well as the great scents of the season. The collection of White Barn Scented Candles from Bath and Body Works are a favorite for the quality of their scents and long wick life. 


When thinking about your home decor, remember that quality manufactured and expertly installed window treatments are a timeless way to improve the feel and look of your home year round. Our outdoor living spaces and exterior shades that close in patios are an excellent addition to any home.  Give the team at Blind Appeal a call today for a free estimate. We hope you enjoy this beautiful Treasure Valley fall as much as we do!


Sep 14

As fall comes, suddenly our time is taken up by so many other things. School is back up and running and that means carpools and homework. We get to welcome football season back. It’s also time to schedule the last few fun BBQs, get outside and enjoy all the fall colors, and then there are all the festivals and corn mazes. On top of all of this, the days are only getting shorter, which means much less time to do the list of fall chores every homeowner has to make sure are checked off the list to ensure your home is ready for fall time. 



When the City of Trees drops all of her leaves it can be a big job to stay on top of. Seemingly there are just about as many leaf managing products as there are leaves. Thankfully Bob Villa is here to help sort through it. He gives a great review of leaf managing tools for your lawn here. Managing leaves on the ground is one thing, managing them in the gutter is a whole other job. Do not forget to ensure that your gutters are getting just as cleared and cleaned as your yard is. Fall brings lots of mixed weather in the Treasure Valley and a clogged gutter can quickly turn into a huge and potentially expensive mess. 


Outdoor Spaces

Our patios and decks should bring us year-round opportunities to enjoy our outdoors and entertain friends and family. With everything from outdoor propane heaters to fire pits, there are many products that help us enjoy our outdoor spaces no matter what the weather. To protect the long life of costly yard furniture we recommend you get covers for your patio furniture as well as BBQs and outdoor cookers. Most brands offer a cover engineered to protect their specific products from the inclement weather of our region. However, you can also invest in heavy-duty tarps and bungee cords and create your own protection solution for your outdoor furniture. Even though outdoor furniture is rated for all weather, it should still be protected during consistent rain and snow. 


Whether you have a patio or a deck, now is the ideal time to give these areas a deep clean and additional sealing to have your surfaces fully protected and readied for the months of strong weather ahead. The team at This Old House has some great recommendations to keep your deck ready for any season.


There is so much to do and enjoy about the fall season here in the Treasure Valley. It is hard to balance all of the great opportunities to enjoy the season and explore the region with the responsibilities of preparing your home and yard to withstand the months ahead. Make a list of the things that need to get done and plan ahead so that you have time scheduled for fun and work in the coming weeks. 

A great way to take one chore off of your list is to call the team at Blind Appeal and get a quote for new window treatments that are custom made to withstand many seasons to come. These expertly installed treatments will bring beauty into your home year a round.

Sep 01

Windows are a primary focal point of your home. You want to maximize the appeal of this fantastic home feature with a finishing that brings in the light that you want and highlights your views. You know you want more than just the typical big box store window finishing and you have an idea of what you want but need a little more expertise to bring your full vision to life. What you don’t want is inexperienced sales people passing you and your information on to another person that contracts out to another installer. You want professional service and industry experts who treat you and your home with the utmost respect and top notch service. 


Blind appeal is here for you. The journey from your first call to your final installation is seamless, professional, and the best in the business. From your first call to Blind Appeal you will know you are in expert and trusted hands. 


Your journey to fantastic window finishes starts with the thoughtful and responsive office staff. Taking care to understand your needs and areas of interest in home finishing design, they connect you with your sales associate. The sales associate takes your window dreams and makes them a reality. Helping you to understand all of your options and end up with a window finish that is exactly what you wanted. Then the work goes on to the real magicians; our custom builders and installers. Our installers are simply the best in the industry. We stand behind these talented craftsmen with warranties that are the best in the business. We are excited to have recently added an additional installer to our team to meet the growing demand for professional and timeless window finishes. The integrity and care that goes into their work is beyond impressive and their job is not done until you are one hundred percent satisfied. 


Now you are lovingly gazing out your finished windows thinking about what Blind Appeal can do for you next. Your friends and family admire your sophisticated finishes and want some of their own. Send them our way! We are happy to meet the needs of our customers in the Treasure Valley.


You have taken the journey of the typical Blind Appeal customer. The number one source for new business here at Blind Appeal is referrals from our satisfied customers. Seeing the cycle continue from one customer to the next never stops making our entire team excited and proud. Ensuring our customers' experience is second to none for their entire journey from start to finish is our number one goal. Nothing feels better than knowing we reached that goal when a new client calls in because their friend has told them what an amazing job we did. 


We are proud of a recent review from Larry W.: “Salesperson was knowledgeable and the factory did a good job of putting the shades together. The installer was amazing, fun to watch how fast he did it and then double checked them to be sure they were working correctly. The warranty is also amazing. Needless to say I am most pleased with the results and service." 


If you're considering elevating your windows to their full potential don't waste another second and give us a call at Blind Appeal and begin your journey to the windows you want and deserve. 


Sep 01

Blind Appeal is a locally owned business that has been providing customers in the Treasure Valley with the best in window finishings and customer service for over thirteen years. Truly a family business, we appreciate our community, our beautiful environment, and all that it offers. Supporting local events and giving back to the community is a cornerstone of our company culture. We are so lucky to have a community that makes the effort to put together opportunities for families to enjoy their community and connect with their neighbors. This fall we have a great deal to look forward to. Here are a couple of highlights of what is coming in the month ahead. 


Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic: September 1st - 5th


This incredible event is back for its 20th year of filling the sky with a variety of colorful and unique hot air balloons. An event you can enjoy from almost anywhere in Boise by just looking up! If you want the best experience head to Ann Morrison Park to watch them take off in the morning. The Night Glow Spectacular, starting at 8:00pm Friday September 3rd, is a real highlight as the balloons are lit at night filling Ann Morrison park with vibrant enormous lanterns lighting up the night sky. 


Boise State Broncos First Home Game: September 10th


Boise State football is back and fans once again get to see their beloved home team take to the blue turf for their first home game of the season. Cheer on our Broncos as they take on the University of Texas El Paso Miners. The ambiance around the Albertsons Stadium is famous in college football. See hundreds of tailgators as the university comes alive and our community joins together to support the start of another season where anything can happen. 


Hyde Park Street Fair: September 17th-19th


Boise’s North End comes alive as the community fills Camel's Back Park and Hyde Street with fun for the whole family. See numerous local vendors share their crafts, art, and food. Catch one of the live bands and enjoy dancing in the grass. Hike to the top of Camel's Back for incredible views of the event and valley as a whole. This is a great opportunity to support local businesses and share in the fun creativity and unique atmosphere that Hyde Park Street Fair is known for. 


We are so excited to see our community come together and are proud to support our local businesses and events. Between events when you are enjoying time at your home, consider the possibilities that a new window finish can provide the control over light and sophisticated look to your home you have been wanting. There is no substitute for the best and when it comes to window finishes let us show you how it feels to work with the best in the business. From shutters to shades let us show you the possibilities with an in home custom design and quote. Contact us today!

Aug 17

In today’s blog we are going to take a look at the latest YouTube video by our content team that goes over one of the most common questions we get from customers: What window coverings do we recommend for sliding glass doors? You can find the full video here which we recommend that you watch and share with friends. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started, shall we?


The Sliding Door Problem

As many a good home decorator will tell you, finding the perfect window covering solution for your home’s sliding glass doors is no easy task. Sliding doors are typically high traffic areas so you will need a covering solution that will be durable and able to stand up to abuse and functions easily so that getting it out of the way of the opening is quick and easy. Glass doors let in a tremendous amount of light and heat. They tend to let the Sun’s rays have their way with the place and can lead to higher energy bills in the summer and greater wear and tear on your home due to UV ray bleaching, so the window covering must also be able to block as much of the sun’s light as possible while still being easy to use and durable. That is a tall order!


The Window Covering Solution: Multiple Choice

There are lots of ways to tackle this problem. Luckily we have six great suggestions to help you with your solution.


Vertical Slats Or Vinyl Slats

These are a great marriage of form and function. They can be easily moved out of the way with one hand and can offer protection from sunlight even while open half way. People may be surprised to learn that they come in a variety of colors and materials and aren't just relegated to being stiff vinyl or plastic slats. The downside with these is that they tend to break or get damaged in homes with small children or rambunctious larger dogs.



You can’t go wrong with draperies, right? This classic solution is perfect for homes that want a warm and comforting feel with the ease of use that a good drapery system provides. If you want total blackout light protection for your home theater or bedroom, nothing beats them.


Sliding Panels

Less common but very effective. These are recommended for homes with a higher budget for window coverings or if you want to try something completely different than your usual covering fare. These can be motorized and automated to help you complete your ultimate smart home experience.


Honeycomb Shades

These are an excellent middle ground between heavy drapes and vinyl slats. If you already have honeycomb shades then this will help tie that theme together and they come in a variety of colors and textures. These are also perfect for helping you save on your energy bills as the honeycomb design helps keep the largest amount of heat out of your home. 


Plantation Shutters

There are two options. We can install them so that they roll from side to side, but beware that you might lose a good amount of the view out of the sliding door area if you do. We can also have them with vertical hinges as they will swing outward from the door like a closet door. 


Roller Shades

These are very helpful in a higher traffic sliding door home. They easily fold up and out of the way so that you can go in and out with ease. Perfect if you love to entertain outside in the backyard or have a large family that is constantly using it. These can also be our special banded shades which can offer partial privacy and can also be automated and motorized and part of your smart home setup. 


Not sure what will work best in your home? Give us a call! Our experts are here ready to help you find the perfect solution. 


Aug 10

When considering how to dress the most important feature of your home, you have several options. There are beautiful floor length drapes, shutters in a variety of styles, and all types of blinds. When making the decision how to best finish your windows you need to be fully aware of your options and understand the immense variety of choices you have for style and design. Our team at Blind Appeal have been helping to create that perfect window finish for our clients in the Treasure Valley for decades. With a staff of friendly professionals, we have created dream home finishes for countless clients and continue to share our passion for design with new clients every day. When looking for quality and craftsmanship that you can rely on, we are here for you. 


The Blind Appeal team could not be more excited to share our Roman Shade options with homeowners. If you are looking for something functional and timeless, the Roman Shade is a fast favorite. As a window covering they provide a smooth finish that can block the sun in any room and provide the type of lighting that best suits the function of the space. When pulled up to let the full light in they have a stacked appearance that provides texture and geometric qualities to your room. Blind Appeal carries Roman Shades in a variety of styles and finishes sure to meet the needs and interior design desires of any room. A window finish that has roots in ancient Roman history along with the technology and finish that a modern home looks for is a unique marriage of classic design and modern sensibility. Give us a call for an estimate today!


Blind Appeal is known for our selection and unique design abilities to add a classy finish to any and every room. From exterior finishes to interior finishes, our team does not disappoint in our depth of style and sophistication. One style that is making a big comeback for its sleek appearance and mid century modern class are Designer Roller Shades. While Roller Shades have a nostalgia about them, they have come a long way in function and design from what we may remember from years ago. Prized for their ability to block out the sun when needed and allow just the right amount of light in, Roller Shades have truly evolved from their early days. Blind Appeal offers a variety of finishes and styles that control the amount of light let into a room and creates a modern sleek finish that is sought after by any homeowner. 


There is no way to truly know how your home can be transformed into the space that you have always wanted it to be without taking the time to consult with a Blind Appeal expert. Give us a call to get a free estimate on custom designer window finishes that will make you feel more at home than ever and create the living space that you have always wanted. 


Jun 25

Window coverings have quickly evolved from an industry with few options to one with several options and choices to select from when finishing what many consider the most important feature of a home-the window. When presented with all of the options it can be confusing and even intimidating to try to make a selection that will work best for your home and lifestyle. Thankfully, Blind Appeal’s own shade guru Chris Meyers is here to walk you through the options and highlight what the most desired choice for window finishing currently is in today’s crowded and complicated market; the cellular shade. 


The most recent video on our Youtube page features Chris Meyers, Blind Appeal’s Field Manager and overall window covering guru. In our video “What are Honeycomb aka Cellular Shades?” Chris starts by showing off the interesting design structure of the incredibly popular cellular shades. Individual cells, resembling honeycombs, are linked to create pockets that trap air making it more difficult for energy to pass through the shades. This design structure stores heat which makes homes much more energy efficient. By trapping the energy in the honeycomb-like cell structure it makes rooms warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. 


This cutting edge design feature is available in a huge selection of colors and sizes adding to the products popularity and versatility to match whatever home design and personal style and function you are looking for. The size of the cell structures can be found in as small as 3/8ths inch to the largest at 2 inches. While you have lots of choice in honeycomb size, you truly have unlimited choice when it comes to color. From muted greys and whites to a dramatic array of colors you are sure to find your perfect match. The variety of colors and sizes is complemented by four choices of finish that help accomplish the purpose and final look you envision for a room. Black out options are available as well as semi-sheer that let in as much light as possible. The favorite light filtering finish provides the balance of privacy and light. 


The choices that Blind Appeal provides for cell shades continues on to the operational functions. There is traditional cord operated, as well as the most popular- cordless. Cordless control is the safest for families with children and provides the added benefit of a sleek look and design. For windows that are hard to reach or to advance your window finishing consider the motorized functionality. Finally, what may be the best function of cell shades is the top down, bottom up function. Control the light you're letting in, the privacy you want to maintain, and optimize your beautiful natural views by having the versatility to let light in from the top of the shade as well as the bottom. 


Learn more about cellular shades by watching Chris’s video here. We look forward to the next type of window finishing Chris can educate us on with his combination of humor and industry insight. These informative and fun videos from Blind Appeal are ensuring that customers know all they need to make the best decision for their home and families. The best part is, if you have more questions the team at Blind Appeal is only a phone call away.

Jun 01

With the continued news about gas prices rising, product back orders, and low inventory on everything from chicken wings to couches, we are happy to share that Blind Appeal has some fantastic promotions going on right now. Greet the summer sun with all new shades and blinds in your home, and do it at a great low price with these incredible deals. Take a look at these select styles by Hunter Douglas and put some cash back in your pocket just in time for some summer fun.


Hunter Douglas has been the leader in blinds since they created the aluminum blind in 1946. They continue to define the industry with exclusive designs and products that deliver revolutionary style and faultless functionality. Innovative, high quality, and timeless designs appeal to any interior design and can be part of your home decor at a low price for a limited time. You instantly get a $100 rebate on qualifying purchases of these select Hunter Douglas window finishes: Luminette Privacy Sheer, Silhouette Window Shadings, and Pirouette Window Shadings. 


Luminette Privacy Sheers beautifully diffuse the light in your room for a bright cheerful space. Ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors, this window treatment combines the soft romance of sheers with the drama of drapes. The thoughtfully designed rotating fabric vanes give you 180 degrees of light control. Blind Appeal is currently offering a $100 rebate on your first Luminette Privacy Sheer and an extra $100 rebate on each additional unit purchased. 

Silhouette Window Shadings feature Hunter Douglas’s Signature S-Vane, an engineering triumph only found with Hunter Douglas. The Signature S-Vane design allows Silhouette Shade vanes to appear to magically float between two sheer panels. Both technical and sculptural, these shades diffuse harsh sunlight and create beautiful ambient light throughout your home. When closed the light is softened creating more privacy in your home. You can add this sophisticated and timeless look to your home with an instant $100 rebate on your purchase of two shades and $50 back on each additional unit purchased. 


Pirouette Window Shadings feature soft horizontal fabric vanes that appear to float on a sheer backing allowing you to achieve infinite combinations of light control, privacy, and views. This specialized sheer that connects the vanes offers a clear view to the outside while transforming the light inside to a comforting glow. Your first two Pirouette Shades earn you $100 back and every additional unit purchased adds another $50 rebate. 


Blind Appeal is offering a great incentive right now to finally get your windows dressed in magical and modern finishes that will create beautiful light, privacy, and highlight your views to the outside. With these rebates you continue to save by buying more. Refinishing your whole home at the greatest price has never been easier or more affordable. Talk to a team member at Blind Appeal today to get your free estimate and begin choosing your custom blinds. Act fast as these savings end June 21, 2021. Don't waste a minute in getting your ideal window shades at the best prices, call Blind Appeal now. 


May 25

Looking through the blinds to see sunny days are back! School is almost out and it's time to start thinking of things to do with the family that are safe and fun for the summer days to come. Nothing beats time outside with the family hiking along the trails of our local foothills or national forest lands. With hundreds of miles of trails, Idaho is rich in beautiful outdoor areas to explore. There is also a great selection of city parks in the Treasure Valley that are rich in water features and shaded rest areas as well. If you are looking for options that offer something a bit more unique and provide a safe environment for you and your family there are several great options in the area. Here are a couple of favorite places you should look into this summer to treat your family to a great day out and create some memories that will last forever.


Roaring Springs is back for families to cool off and have an exhilarating day with world class water rides. They are also introducing the new Snake River Run ride for the summer of 2021 making this year better than ever! With a double corkscrew and two flying saucers, this thrilling ride is sure to be an instant fan favorite and have your whole family screaming for more. What better way to spend a hot summer day than enjoying a lazy river float or being shot out of a slide into a refreshing pool of water? Splish splash fun!


Asana Rock Climbing and Bouldering Gym is a great option to beat the heat and have an exciting experience while building a great outdoor skill. Their skilled staff is ready to get you set up in rental gear and get you on the wall. Challenge your kids to see who can reach the highest summits and enjoy the challenge of this fun activity while building memories and encouraging healthy habits. Try ninja challenges and sign up for an aerial ropes course all at the same great location conveniently located in the heart of Garden City. 


Defy is ready to take your summer to new heights. Located in Nampa, this indoor trampoline park is high flying fun for the whole family to jump into. With massive foam pits to fall into and extreme dodgeball matches to compete in there is limitless fun ready for your family. Fun and original features like battle beams and a wall trampoline create unique experiences that are sure to bring lots of laughs and create memories that will last for years to come. They offer great food and snacks so you can stay the whole day and have everything you need.


The Treasure Valley is rich in options and opportunities to explore and enjoy the long summer days and warm weather. With businesses able to safely open up with protocols to prevent the spread of illness, it's time to get out and build unforgettable memories with your family. Whether you decide to take the plunge at Roaring Springs, go to new heights at Asana, or jump for joy at Defy, we hope your family enjoys the summer and have some incredible adventures.


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