Gardening Season is Here!

The snow on the mountains is melting, flowers are just starting to bloom, and the trees are beginning to fill with color; it is officially gardening season! Have you decided that this is the year that you finally see how green your thumb is? Seeing all the plants at the stores and you want to join in on the fun? Then you are ready to start a garden! This blog is focused on getting you started on the right foot so that your plants can take root. Good luck in the dirt this year! 


Start Small 

Begin with a few easy-to-grow plants to gain confidence and experience before expanding. Tomatoes and peppers are great for this and provide a crop that you are sure to enjoy. Short-growth span plants like radishes and lettuces grow quickly and will get you into the fun of gardening quickly.


Understand Your Garden

No two plots of land are the same. Familiarize yourself with the sunlight, soil type, and climate of your garden to make informed planting decisions. There are a ton of great apps you can use to calculate your sunlight so you know what to plant that will thrive the most.


Invest in Quality Tools 

Purchase essential gardening tools like a trowel, pruners, and gloves to make your gardening tasks easier. It really is a game-changer to have a good set of gardening gloves. We recommend scouring local thrift shops, you can usually find great gardening tools there for a fraction of the price! 


Water Wisely

Learn the water requirements of your plants and avoid overwatering or underwatering. Your soil type also influences how much water you will need. We recommend getting some good compost from your gardening store. Good compost will feed your soil and help retain water for hungry roots. 


Learn From Others 

Seek advice from experienced gardeners, join gardening communities, and read gardening books to enhance your knowledge. The gardening community is open and very supportive, from your nextdoor neighbor to an online expert, you are sure to find support and community when talking about plants, especially here in the Treasure Valley.


It is important to remember as you start your gardening journey that it is not just about the produce you produce. No matter how successful you are in your first year, your garden will only get better with time. Your soil will improve as well as your techniques and plant choices. The most important thing is that gardening is good for your soul! Gardening has been shown to lighten mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety. It's very gratifying to plant, tend, harvest and share your own food. Routines provide structure to our day and are linked to improved mental health. Gardening routines, like watering and weeding, can create a soothing rhythm to ease stress.


Remember, gardening is a rewarding journey that requires patience and practice. Enjoy the process and learn from both successes and failures! While you are outside gardening you may notice that your windows can use a little TLC as well. If you want to learn more about all of the options we offer, schedule one of our window covering experts for a FREE estimate and more information by calling the office at 208-888-1056.

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