Three Ways to Celebrate the Fathers in Your Life

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to consider how best to celebrate the dad-figures in your life. With so many wonderful things to do in the Treasure Valley it can be tough to pick which thing to do! Here at Blind Appeal, we've put on our thinking caps to help you with this brainstorming process, and we've come up with a few ideas. No matter how you decide to celebrate Father's Day this year we hope you have a wonderful time with the father, husband, or father figure in your life.


Backyard BBQ


We know, this sounds like a cliche idea, but here’s how you can spruce it up: buy dad a new hammock or other type of outdoor reclining chair.  If you can swing it, buy him a new grill, too!


Dig up his favorite barbeque recipes, and cook for him (unless he insists on being the grill master).  Fix his favorite sides, let him relax and enjoy a beer or two (or a lemonade, whatever is preferred). Take some burden off yourself and order his favorite dessert from a bakery a few days ahead of time, then relax with him once dinner is done and reminisce about your favorite fatherly memories. 


Plant Him a Garden


Construct or buy a garden box, and plant dad’s favorite veggies.  Does he have an affinity for certain peppers? What does he like most in his salad?  What herbs does he use to marinate with? Plan a trip to your local nursery and plant everything the evening before or morning of Father’s Day (when it’s cool so you and the plants don’t wilt).  If he’s the gardening type, include him in the activity, and if he is not, maybe plan to do upkeep as a summer-long Father’s Day gift. 


Let Him Take Off for the Afternoon


Sometimes parent figures find a gift in solitude, especially if they are still working the daily grind.  Does dad like to fish?  Give him a giftcard to his favorite sporting goods store a day or two before Father’s Day so he can pick out a new pole or other equipment and hit the river for the afternoon. Buy him a season-long membership to a golf club.  Find him a book by his favorite author and a giftcard to his favorite coffee shop.  


Sometimes a day away helps put wind back in the sails of any burnt-out adult. 


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