Celebrating Moms in May

Motherhood can mean many things; in its essence it gives credence to those who gave birth to children, but it can extend beyond that, honoring those women who nurtured and raised us, whether they be a biological presence, extended family, adoptive mom, stepmom, or chosen mom.  In any case, Mother’s Day honors the women in our lives who cared for and nurtured us, taught us and sacrificed for us, and there are many ways to honor these worthy figures.


First things first: what does mom/your mom figure actually like? You may like the sports bar around the corner, or a day of golfing. And she might, too! But maybe-- maybe-- she prefers something more like brunch, or hiking, or even a day by herself. In any case, take a moment (or a few) to consider what best serves mom (or the mother of your children) and go in that direction.


While going out to eat is a classic choice, restaurants tend to get crowded. So if this is how you choose to celebrate, be sure to book reservations at mom’s favorite place days ahead!


There are, however, plenty of other delightful outdoor activities you can enjoy with Mom. 


Plan a simple picnic with homemade treats. Divvy up the responsibilities—someone can make potato salad, while another brings the main course, then find an open and empty park with tables or bring a blanket. Enjoy your meal surrounded by nature.


Here are other outdoor Mother’s Day activities, should weather permit.

  • After the picnic, consider going on a hike or a leisurely walk to explore the outdoors.

Backyard Barbecue:

  • Host a backyard barbecue right at home. It’s like a picnic, but with the convenience of staying in your own space.
  • Set up a grill, prepare delicious food, and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, you’ll have access to facilities if needed.
  • This option is perfect for homebodies who prefer a cozy outdoor experience.

Bring the Indoors Outside:

  • If Mom enjoys reading, take her to a park where she can read under a tree.
  • Experiment with an outdoor movie projector and screen to watch her favorite film under the stars.

Gardening Together:

  • If your mom has a green thumb, help her start or cultivate a garden. It’s a rewarding and eco-friendly activity.
  • Research the last average spring frost date in her area to avoid planting too early.
  • Choose the right plants for her location and climate, and spend quality time nurturing the garden together.

Hiking or Camping:

  • Explore the great outdoors with a scenic hike or a camping trip. Breathing fresh air and enjoying nature is invigorating.
  • Pack essentials, choose a beautiful trail, and embark on an adventure together.
  • If camping, set up a cozy campfire and share stories under the starry sky.

Visit the Idaho Botanical Gardens:

  • Take Mom to our beautiful  local botanical garden, located off Warm Springs Avenue in Boise. May is a wonderful time to admire vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and serene landscapes.
  • Capture the beauty with photos to remember the day.

Lastly, we want to recognize the single moms who may not be getting all the attention they deserve.  Props to them and their hard work. Single moms, you may have kids old enough to treat you to breakfast in bed, or a day out.  But if not, consider a gathering of other single mom friends. Treat yourselves well.  No matter what, honor yourself well and know that your work is honored.

In all, moms and mother-figures are special! Special shoutout to the wonderful moms at Blind Appeal. Thank you for all you do!

Posted by littleegg at 5/9/2024 7:32:00 PM
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