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May 25

Looking through the blinds to see sunny days are back! School is almost out and it's time to start thinking of things to do with the family that are safe and fun for the summer days to come. Nothing beats time outside with the family hiking along the trails of our local foothills or national forest lands. With hundreds of miles of trails, Idaho is rich in beautiful outdoor areas to explore. There is also a great selection of city parks in the Treasure Valley that are rich in water features and shaded rest areas as well. If you are looking for options that offer something a bit more unique and provide a safe environment for you and your family there are several great options in the area. Here are a couple of favorite places you should look into this summer to treat your family to a great day out and create some memories that will last forever.


Roaring Springs is back for families to cool off and have an exhilarating day with world class water rides. They are also introducing the new Snake River Run ride for the summer of 2021 making this year better than ever! With a double corkscrew and two flying saucers, this thrilling ride is sure to be an instant fan favorite and have your whole family screaming for more. What better way to spend a hot summer day than enjoying a lazy river float or being shot out of a slide into a refreshing pool of water? Splish splash fun!


Asana Rock Climbing and Bouldering Gym is a great option to beat the heat and have an exciting experience while building a great outdoor skill. Their skilled staff is ready to get you set up in rental gear and get you on the wall. Challenge your kids to see who can reach the highest summits and enjoy the challenge of this fun activity while building memories and encouraging healthy habits. Try ninja challenges and sign up for an aerial ropes course all at the same great location conveniently located in the heart of Garden City. 


Defy is ready to take your summer to new heights. Located in Nampa, this indoor trampoline park is high flying fun for the whole family to jump into. With massive foam pits to fall into and extreme dodgeball matches to compete in there is limitless fun ready for your family. Fun and original features like battle beams and a wall trampoline create unique experiences that are sure to bring lots of laughs and create memories that will last for years to come. They offer great food and snacks so you can stay the whole day and have everything you need.


The Treasure Valley is rich in options and opportunities to explore and enjoy the long summer days and warm weather. With businesses able to safely open up with protocols to prevent the spread of illness, it's time to get out and build unforgettable memories with your family. Whether you decide to take the plunge at Roaring Springs, go to new heights at Asana, or jump for joy at Defy, we hope your family enjoys the summer and have some incredible adventures.


May 07

With the days getting longer and sunnier, it is time to look forward to being outside enjoying the company of friends and family. Before we can bust out the BBQ and get the lawn games ready, most of us need to freshen up and clean our outdoor entertainment areas. Not only will sprucing up your outdoor space make you feel ready to entertain, a nice cleaning will also support the long life of your outside furniture. 


The first step is beautifying your flower beds and flower pots. Weeding out the suckers and clearing space for new flowers welcomes the new season and brings color and life to your backyard. The other benefit of weeding is it is a great workout and can help you get yourself ready for summer too. Get ready to get your hands dirty and put your green thumb to work. When choosing flowers look for bright colors to contrast your home color and brighten up your outdoors with dramatic flare. 


Whether you have a concrete patio or a wood deck, you will need to get it cleaned off and spruced up for the summer sun. For a deep powerful clean a power washer is the best solution. If you don't have access to a power washer a simple garden hose with a pressure attachment can do the job. Hose out cobwebs and clear out dirt that has piled up over the past few months. After the washing it is a great time to apply a protective seal to your concrete or wood to ensure it lasts for many more seasons to come. 


If you have made the investment in awnings or exterior blinds, it is important to get them spruced up to ensure you have the best looking view and your awning is protected for years to come. Sweeping off the awnings and brushing free the blinds clears out build up of dirt and other debris. There is a variety of cleaners made exclusively for awnings and home exteriors. Be sure to review your warranty and manufacture guidance to choose the cleaning solution that is best suited for your awning. 


Once your outdoor entertaining area is cleaned up and your awnings are spruced up for the summer sun, you are ready to enjoy your friends, flowers, and yard games. Before relaxing too much here are a couple of last tips to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor oasis. Take a walk around your home and look closely for any wasp or hornet nests that may have been built since last year. Nothing sours a BBQ faster than the pain of stings. The last tip to ensure fun in the sun is a thorough clean of your BBQ. A well cleaned BBQ will extend the life of your outdoor cooker and make the food taste even better. 


If the sun is too bright in your outdoor area and you're tired of chasing umbrellas that have blown down your street, consider installing an awning, a long term solution that can increase your home value and your enjoyment outdoors. Call the team at Blind Appeal today for a consultation on how an awning can rejuvenate your outside entertainment area. 


Apr 27

Windows are one of the main selling points of a home. They make rooms feel larger, they add natural light, and they bring the beautiful outdoors inside. When it comes to dressing up our windows many people are still unaware of the variety of options available to them. Many of us assume that venetian blinds and cookie cutter drapes are the only options available. Limiting yourself to the options that are available at big box stores is doing an injustice to your sense of style and your home’s potential. Explore the list of available options and begin to imagine how you might revolutionize your whole home with new window treatments. 


Blinds need not be limited to one or two choices. Allure makes incredible transition shades that have wider bands creating a dramatic look. By controlling the light coming into a room these blinds tie together the style of the home with the window treatment in a beautifully natural way. Available in a variety of colors, these blinds can fit any color pallet and style. Lafayette recreates the traditional aluminum blind with dynamic color choices and creative modern twists on the classic venetian blind. Give us a call for more information on how these options might work in your home. 


Have you considered how your window treatment might affect your home’s efficiency? The design of honeycomb blinds create another level of insulation for your home. This can keep your home temperature where you want it with the benefit of lower energy fees and attractive soft lighting. Also known as cellular shades, these are attractive, modern, and classy solutions to help you create the room of your dreams. Graber is an excellent brand that is leading in design of honeycomb blinds and creating exciting options. 


While windows are beloved by most, the light that they bring in can be disruptive at times. If you are trying to block a glare, create a movie room, or just tone down the light for more restful sleep, these are beautiful and effective solutions. Graber has come up with some very desirable roller and solar shades that filter out the light but not the style. A look that can fit with a classic or modern style, these versatile blinds combine important function with effective beauty. 


It's time to experience the full breadth of options that you have when it comes to finishing the look of your windows. There is no need to limit your options based on the selection of big box stores. Do not settle for a one size fits all approach. Blinds that are built for your home and expertly installed will increase your home value and double the amount you love a room. Take some time to look at the diverse selection on our website and start to imagine what look will complete your rooms and improve your view. Don’t stop your imagination with the indoors. Exterior awnings and pergolas as well as shutters can increase the usability and beauty of your outdoor spaces. After a consultation from a trusted pro at Blind Appeal you can finally enjoy the full potential of your home. 


Apr 07

There are few things more exciting than owning your own house. In this extremely competitive housing market, there is an even greater sense of relief and accomplishment when finally getting to close on your new home. When all of the paperwork is completed and you finally have the keys the real fun begins! In the first year of owning your home we recommend you channel that excitement and energy into making the home truly your own. Here are some suggestions for three ways to get your personality and style into your new home. 


Paint is Powerful

Most new construction and homes staged to sell are painted in muted beiges and greys that are neutral. While these are fine colors they can sometimes lack the excitement that can come from a bold color or accent wall color. There is a whole field of research around how colors impact people and affect moods. While the impact of individual colors varies, the researchers all tend to agree that lack of color and visual interest has a negative impact on mood and mental well being. Finding a strong color helps make the home yours and provides the feel for a room that makes you comfortable and relaxed.


Live Plants 

Bring the outside in by incorporating live plants into your decor. From the carefree cactus to lush and full ferns, there are countless houseplants available to incorporate into any room. Aside from being living art work, houseplants have a great deal of benefits. From improving your mood to helping support better air quality the benefits of bringing houseplants into your new home are numerous and varied. One of the biggest benefits of houseplants is that they do make a space uniquely your own. Incorporate plants early on in your home design planning to really make the space feel like your own. 


Windows are Wonderful

If eyes are the window to your soul then windows are surely an opportunity to have your soul reflected in your home. The team at Blind Appeal takes pride in their ability to create custom looks that reflect the style and sensibility of any homeowner. From exterior treatments to interior treatmentsBlind Appeal shows the limitless possibilities that owners have to put their personality into their home. In addition to showcasing your design ideas, custom blinds are also a lasting investment in your property and will increase your home's value as well as curb appeal.

When it comes to making your home your own remember these helpful hints to ensure that the home you have reflects the home you want. Embrace bold colors that can have a positive impact on your mood and decor. Introduce plants into every room for living art that purifies your air and clears your head. Give the team at Blind Appeal a call to discuss the options to improve your home’s windows. Above all else, remember not to limit your creativity and embrace your opportunity to make your new house the home you always dreamt of.

Mar 10

Blind Appeal has been honored to serve the Treasure Valley community for over thirteen years. Our commitment to the people of the Treasure Valley goes beyond providing the best quality, customer service, and installation of window treatments. Helping the community is a big part of why our company was founded and why we are so proud to participate in the March to End Hunger food drive with the Boise Rescue Mission. 


For the entire month of March, Blind Appeal is joining other business leaders, groups, schools, and teams of all types by hosting a food drive. Now more than ever the most vulnerable need all of the help and support that the community can provide. More and more families are dealing with food shortages and the Boise Rescue Mission needs our help to stock those empty pantries and cupboards. With more people out of work and children out of school the need is great. The March to End Hunger hopes to help meet that need. 


In 2020 Idaho saw an increase of 22% of children who face food insecurities. That means another 42,000 children in Idaho are not getting the amount of food they need and likely don't know where their next meal will come from. Food insecurity is something that no child should have to face. We want to do our part to ensure that no child in the Treasure Valley will go without, and no parent should have to face food insecurity alone. The COVID-19 crisis has put an even larger burden on already struggling families. 


Blind Appeal believes good leadership is more than just words, it is demonstrated through our actions. This is why we stand behind every installation and product with our own customer service satisfaction guarantee and why we have supported the March to End Hunger every year. We believe in doing right by our customers and our community. We hope our commitment to supporting this year's food drive also inspires others to get involved and do whatever they can to help their neighbors in need. A list of the items that are needed right now for the food drive can be found here. Every little bit helps and is so greatly appreciated. 


The Boise Rescue Mission has been restoring hope, faith, and families across the Treasure Valley since 1958. Their six unique locations in Ada and Canyon county serve families and individuals. They know addressing the needs of our community goes beyond food, shelter, and clothing - it is about addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. Blind Appeal is proud to participate again this year in the March to End Hunger to help the Rescue Mission fulfill its goals of helping our most vulnerable in the community. This year we would like to reach out to our customers, family, and friends and ask if they would like to participate as well. If you would like to participate with Blind Appeal in the March to End Hunger, please let us know via email (denise@blindappeal.com) or by calling 208-805-0039, or you may give canned food to one of our Blind Appeal Team members.



Feb 26

Blind Appeal has been serving the Treasure Valley and beyond for over thirteen years. Our family-owned business has been built on the commitment to bringing our customers the highest quality in blinds, shades, shutters, exterior shades and custom draperies. This dedication to excellence in customer service would not be possible without our expert sales and installation team. 


Cultivating a team of first class professionals committed to top of the line service who settle for nothing short of perfection is the foundation of Blind Appeal’s success. Leading the Valley’s best sales and installation team is Mike Van Artsdalen. As the Director of Operations, Mike’s job ecompasses all aspects of the Blind Appeal business. Coming from a background in Art Education and the Visual Arts, his eye for aesthetics and design benefit all the Blind Appeal clients as well as our staff. A leader with integrity and generosity, his connection to the community and his commitment to excellence make him an ideal leader.  


Blind Appeal’s Field Manager is Chris Meyers. Being in the field and delivering on Blind Appeal’s promise on best pricing and customer satisfaction is a perfect fit for Chris. He shares the team's commitment to excellence in all things and is a gregarious leader who genuinely enjoys meeting new people and helping them realize their dreams for their home. 


Without Wendy Arroues Blind Appeal would not be able to reach as many of the Valley’s homes as we do. Wendy is the Sales Development Coordinator and has been with Blind Appeal since the very beginning. Knowing what the customer needs and wants is something that Wendy has been able to anticipate and build on for years. Creating new connections in the Treasure Valley and developing relationships based on the Blind Appeal concept is a natural talent of Wendy’s. She leads a team of dedicated sales associates who are able to build on her dedication and continually grow the Blind Appeal client base.  


These three stellar individuals represent a small portion of the Blind Appeal team but are a great example of the type of  stellar individual you will be working with when you get your window treatments with us. It is based on the trust and confidence that they have in their team at every turn that they are able to stand behind their service guarantee and customer satisfaction guarantee. Our service guarantee means that our customers get the piece of mind that the Blind Appeal team will exceed your expectations and the job is not done until our customers are satisfied. Even better, a Blind Appeal customer will never pay for any service or repair for any product you purchase from us (the one exception being our motorized products which come with a 5 year warranty on motors).    


You simply cannot have the level of guarantees and commitments to customer satisfaction without having the finest team of professionals in the business. Give the thoughtful team at Blind Appeal a call today and let us show you not only how beautiful your windows can be, but also how incredible customer service can be. 


Feb 19

If you are trying to find a way to block harsh light without sacrificing any of your view from your windows then consider an outdoor shade or awning. The dedicated team at Blind Appeal has a sophisticated and effective selection of outdoor shades that will meet the needs of any room. If an outdoor window treatment is something you have been considering, now is the time to start working with the team at Blind Appeal to get your design selected, ordered, and scheduled for installation before the gorgeous days of spring and summer set in. 


Outdoor shades and awnings can provide just the right amount of sunblock while also creating a pleasing exterior look that will add interest and appeal to your home's appearance. Working with the best brands in the industry, Blind Appeal has a selection of choices for you to find the perfect exterior finish to your windows. 


Exterior shades and awnings are not only visually appealing, they also are an ideal solution to manage unwanted glare and can help control the heat coming into your room from sun exposure. This maximizes the usability of any room at any time of day while not having to lose any of your incredible views. Even better, these are a great option to increase your home’s sustainability as these exterior window treatments help save energy.  


Think about your outdoor spaces and the beautiful areas you have created to enjoy time with guests and family. Outdoor shades and awnings are a perfect solution to making sure that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces in any weather. Adding a shade cover to a pergola is a great way to protect from harmful UV and make your pergola or poolside spot a perfect shady oasis from the harsh summer sun. An awning over a deck or patio just outside your home will keep the sun or rain from chasing you indoors when you want to be outside enjoying the view with friends and family. 


Blind Appeal has a selection of classic designs and modern looks to fit with any architectural theme ensuring that your outdoor window treatments look as if they have always belonged. Our talented team will work with you to come up with a design that will meet all of your needs. Blind Appeal is the Treasure Valley’s connection to all the latest with window treatments so you know you will have all the best options and up to date technology. 


No longer worry about harmful UV light damaging art on the walls or fading the fabrics on your furniture. You don't have to choose between the view and harsh sun glare anymore. Get the full enjoyment out of your windows while adding a classy addition to your home’s exterior look with an outdoor window treatment or awning.


The team at Blind Appeal is the best in the business when it comes to providing outdoor window treatments. If we don't have something you love then we can work with you on a custom design built to meet your needs. Don't waste any time. Call the team at Blind Appeal and set up your quote and consultation today.

Feb 01

When deciding how to finish a window in your home or place of business there are seemingly limitless choices. How do you sort through all of the options and get the quality and finish that functions for you and your home the way you need it to? We are here to help! We have decades of experience to help you choose window finishes and can provide you with a free quote. We carry the leading brands to cover your needs for any type of window finish. One option that is continuing to be popular among decorators are roller shades. 


Designer roller shades are a popular choice with a modern finish. The sleek design and clean lines of roller shades are available in a variety of styles and finishes fit to match any room and interior design. Customers love roller blinds because of their space saving and clean look. The sleek design of roller blinds are dust resistant and will look modern and fresh in your home. If there are allergy concerns in your home roller blinds are an obvious choice to help control irritating dust.


Choices of finish for roller blinds have come a long way from the roller blinds of our parents years. One of the many exciting choices is how much light you want your blinds to let in. The light controlling solar filtering aspect of roller blinds has elevated this window finishing option to an even more desirable ranking. Sheer fabrics provide an airy and translucent finish that lets the outdoors in while still providing an air of privacy. A stronger light filtering choice provides the outline of outdoor features while still allowing the outside to come in; a dramatic finish for rooms with mountain views. The room darkening options are a perfect solution for an office or sun rich room that needs to be dimmed occasionally for clear view of screens and an overall relaxing effect. The black out option instantly turns any room into a home theater, or provides a night-like feel that supports a restful sleep at any time of day. 


You will love the versatility these window finishes will give you in deciding how to style and decorate your home. You will also appreciate how clean these window finishes look. Dust clings to curtains and can be hard to clean from venitian blind style window coverings. These window finishes clean easier and stay clean longer, keeping your windows the beautiful focal point they are meant to be. Enjoy your windows more and clean your window treatments less with a roller shade finish. 


Our specialists can help you decide what style and finish is right for you. Our products are manufactured by the leaders in the industry with care to detail and customer satisfaction our main concern. Our work and products are guaranteed so you never need to worry about quality and finish when you choose a window finish from Blind Appeal. Give us a call to learn more about this modern option for your home!

Jan 27

The windows of a home are among its most celebrated features. They let the light and beautiful outdoors into your home. Windows are a big selling point and can make a marked difference in the curb appeal of your home. The big challenge for homeowners is how to dress up this structural focal point. Shutters are a diverse and gorgeous solution to finishing any window. Finding the right shutters can be a challenge though. Big box stores only have a couple of options and are plagued with poor reviews about their ill fit and difficulty to use. There are great local options like Shutter Crafts to help you find the perfect fit for your home.


Shutter Crafts have been offering beautiful custom shutters in a variety of styles since 1976. Family-owned and operated, Shutter Crafts has been beautifying windows and satisfying customers with their personal touch and impeccable customer service for decades. Servicing all of Idaho, eastern Oregon and western Wyoming, their shutters go beyond stunning window finishes with interior options that can provide the perfect finish to a closet, pantry, or other room. No job is too large or too small for this customer focused company that prides itself on the quality of their product and their service before, during, and after installation. Consumers have raved about their attention to detail as well as the ease of use of their product.


Hunter Douglas is another favorite company when it comes to quality and craftsmanship for shutters. They offer three beautiful options. Using shutters beyond window finishing is a forgotten choice by many homeowners. The truth is shutters provide a beautiful and unique finish to many rooms with great benefits beyond their beautiful and refined look. Shutters provide great noise cancellation while also letting in natural light and giving a feel of more space. With more and more of us moving to a working at home environment, we need to find creative ways of creating a home office. Using shutters when designing your home office area can provide the perfect solution. The ability that shutters have to let light in makes small spaces feel bigger. Even the smallest office suddenly feels larger and more workable. 


What really surprises most homeowners about shutters is how versatile and modern they are. Another leader in the industry, Norman Shutters, offers Perfect Tilt motorization. Now you can control your shutters from the comfort of the couch with an app based control that you can use from your phone.  Graber is a brand that has been building customer trust and first class shutters that clients can believe in. They guarantee their work with a limited lifetime warranty, a characteristic of all our favorite brands we share here. 


Most believe that shutters are only an option for square windows. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These leaders in shutter design and manufacturing can create operating shutters for any window shape or size. Many people also think that they will be limited in their choices for finish. Again, the brands here shatter those preconceptions with color matching and several options to please any customer.  


For a first class window finish that is as classic as it is modern, functional as it is beautiful, and above all else dependable - look into the limitless options these brands can supply for shutters. Give us a call to learn more and for a free quote!


Dec 29

This past year we have all spent more time in our homes than ever before. Working from home and learning from home has changed our living spaces in unpredictable ways. In the coming year we hope for a return to more normal times, but we know that the home will continue to be the focal point of our lives. As you look for ways to upgrade your spaces and invest in your home, we encourage you to consider a face lift for your windows. Here are some suggestions for window treatments that will elevate your space, modernize your room, and be a great investment in your home. 


Solar Shades

When you have windows you want to be able to bring in that natural light. However, that light can interfere with computer and TV screens. Tired of hiding in a corner with your computer, covering the light coming in from the window? You need solar shades. Banetti and Insolroll have designed beautiful solar shades in a variety of colors to compliment any room. Let the light in, see outside, but cut out the harsh light and glare of full sun. Don’t hide from the glare, control it! Simply the best of both worlds and an attractive addition to any room. 


Bring Color and Character

Remember when the only treatment option for a window were plastic blinds that came in three colors, with strings that always got knotted? And forget about trying to clean them! Thankfully, there have been some inspiring evolutions in home blinds. No need for the boring and predictable; window treatments can be beautiful and creative. If you want something interesting in your room when you close the windows consider a patterned roller shade, or a blind in a vibrant color that perfectly completes a room. There is no limit to the possibilities, and you have license to be as creative as you want. Hunter Douglas and Graber Solar are a couple of our favorite brands for creating magical window coverings that are functional and stylish.


Motorize Your Blinds

With robot vacuums and wireless everything there seems no end to the exciting advancements in home technology. While some of it borders on the just plane silly, there are some advancements that really are too good to miss out on. The top of our list for a way to bring your home beautifully into the future is motorized blinds. Control the light you let into your home from the comfort of your couch or bed with motorized blinds. This is an added level of sophistication that is a great investment in your home and an even better investment in your quality of life. In addition to beauty and style, these cordless window treatments provide added safety for small children and pets. 


Whether you are looking to add beauty and style, modernize, or create more livable rooms; an update to your window treatment is a great way to maximize your spaces both indoor and out. Any and all of the possibilities for window treatments we talked about here and more are available from our trusted team at Blind Appeal. Give us a call for a quote today!

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