Window Treatment Options

Windows are one of the main selling points of a home. They make rooms feel larger, they add natural light, and they bring the beautiful outdoors inside. When it comes to dressing up our windows many people are still unaware of the variety of options available to them. Many of us assume that venetian blinds and cookie cutter drapes are the only options available. Limiting yourself to the options that are available at big box stores is doing an injustice to your sense of style and your home’s potential. Explore the list of available options and begin to imagine how you might revolutionize your whole home with new window treatments. 


Blinds need not be limited to one or two choices. Allure makes incredible transition shades that have wider bands creating a dramatic look. By controlling the light coming into a room these blinds tie together the style of the home with the window treatment in a beautifully natural way. Available in a variety of colors, these blinds can fit any color pallet and style. Lafayette recreates the traditional aluminum blind with dynamic color choices and creative modern twists on the classic venetian blind. Give us a call for more information on how these options might work in your home. 


Have you considered how your window treatment might affect your home’s efficiency? The design of honeycomb blinds create another level of insulation for your home. This can keep your home temperature where you want it with the benefit of lower energy fees and attractive soft lighting. Also known as cellular shades, these are attractive, modern, and classy solutions to help you create the room of your dreams. Graber is an excellent brand that is leading in design of honeycomb blinds and creating exciting options. 


While windows are beloved by most, the light that they bring in can be disruptive at times. If you are trying to block a glare, create a movie room, or just tone down the light for more restful sleep, these are beautiful and effective solutions. Graber has come up with some very desirable roller and solar shades that filter out the light but not the style. A look that can fit with a classic or modern style, these versatile blinds combine important function with effective beauty. 


It's time to experience the full breadth of options that you have when it comes to finishing the look of your windows. There is no need to limit your options based on the selection of big box stores. Do not settle for a one size fits all approach. Blinds that are built for your home and expertly installed will increase your home value and double the amount you love a room. Take some time to look at the diverse selection on our website and start to imagine what look will complete your rooms and improve your view. Don’t stop your imagination with the indoors. Exterior awnings and pergolas as well as shutters can increase the usability and beauty of your outdoor spaces. After a consultation from a trusted pro at Blind Appeal you can finally enjoy the full potential of your home. 

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