Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer Fun!

With the days getting longer and sunnier, it is time to look forward to being outside enjoying the company of friends and family. Before we can bust out the BBQ and get the lawn games ready, most of us need to freshen up and clean our outdoor entertainment areas. Not only will sprucing up your outdoor space make you feel ready to entertain, a nice cleaning will also support the long life of your outside furniture. 


The first step is beautifying your flower beds and flower pots. Weeding out the suckers and clearing space for new flowers welcomes the new season and brings color and life to your backyard. The other benefit of weeding is it is a great workout and can help you get yourself ready for summer too. Get ready to get your hands dirty and put your green thumb to work. When choosing flowers look for bright colors to contrast your home color and brighten up your outdoors with dramatic flare. 


Whether you have a concrete patio or a wood deck, you will need to get it cleaned off and spruced up for the summer sun. For a deep powerful clean a power washer is the best solution. If you don't have access to a power washer a simple garden hose with a pressure attachment can do the job. Hose out cobwebs and clear out dirt that has piled up over the past few months. After the washing it is a great time to apply a protective seal to your concrete or wood to ensure it lasts for many more seasons to come. 


If you have made the investment in awnings or exterior blinds, it is important to get them spruced up to ensure you have the best looking view and your awning is protected for years to come. Sweeping off the awnings and brushing free the blinds clears out build up of dirt and other debris. There is a variety of cleaners made exclusively for awnings and home exteriors. Be sure to review your warranty and manufacture guidance to choose the cleaning solution that is best suited for your awning. 


Once your outdoor entertaining area is cleaned up and your awnings are spruced up for the summer sun, you are ready to enjoy your friends, flowers, and yard games. Before relaxing too much here are a couple of last tips to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor oasis. Take a walk around your home and look closely for any wasp or hornet nests that may have been built since last year. Nothing sours a BBQ faster than the pain of stings. The last tip to ensure fun in the sun is a thorough clean of your BBQ. A well cleaned BBQ will extend the life of your outdoor cooker and make the food taste even better. 


If the sun is too bright in your outdoor area and you're tired of chasing umbrellas that have blown down your street, consider installing an awning, a long term solution that can increase your home value and your enjoyment outdoors. Call the team at Blind Appeal today for a consultation on how an awning can rejuvenate your outside entertainment area. 

Posted by littleegg at 5/7/2021 4:17:00 PM
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