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Making Your New Home Your Own

There are few things more exciting than owning your own house. In this extremely competitive housing market, there is an even greater sense of relief and accomplishment when finally getting to close on your new home. When all of the paperwork is completed and you finally have the keys the real fun begins! In the first year of owning your home we recommend you channel that excitement and energy into making the home truly your own. Here are some suggestions for three ways to get your personality and style into your new home. 


Paint is Powerful

Most new construction and homes staged to sell are painted in muted beiges and greys that are neutral. While these are fine colors they can sometimes lack the excitement that can come from a bold color or accent wall color. There is a whole field of research around how colors impact people and affect moods. While the impact of individual colors varies, the researchers all tend to agree that lack of color and visual interest has a negative impact on mood and mental well being. Finding a strong color helps make the home yours and provides the feel for a room that makes you comfortable and relaxed.


Live Plants 

Bring the outside in by incorporating live plants into your decor. From the carefree cactus to lush and full ferns, there are countless houseplants available to incorporate into any room. Aside from being living art work, houseplants have a great deal of benefits. From improving your mood to helping support better air quality the benefits of bringing houseplants into your new home are numerous and varied. One of the biggest benefits of houseplants is that they do make a space uniquely your own. Incorporate plants early on in your home design planning to really make the space feel like your own. 


Windows are Wonderful

If eyes are the window to your soul then windows are surely an opportunity to have your soul reflected in your home. The team at Blind Appeal takes pride in their ability to create custom looks that reflect the style and sensibility of any homeowner. From exterior treatments to interior treatmentsBlind Appeal shows the limitless possibilities that owners have to put their personality into their home. In addition to showcasing your design ideas, custom blinds are also a lasting investment in your property and will increase your home's value as well as curb appeal.

When it comes to making your home your own remember these helpful hints to ensure that the home you have reflects the home you want. Embrace bold colors that can have a positive impact on your mood and decor. Introduce plants into every room for living art that purifies your air and clears your head. Give the team at Blind Appeal a call to discuss the options to improve your home’s windows. Above all else, remember not to limit your creativity and embrace your opportunity to make your new house the home you always dreamt of.

Posted by littleegg at 4/7/2021 4:14:00 PM
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