The Classy, Clean, and Light Controlling Roller Blind

When deciding how to finish a window in your home or place of business there are seemingly limitless choices. How do you sort through all of the options and get the quality and finish that functions for you and your home the way you need it to? We are here to help! We have decades of experience to help you choose window finishes and can provide you with a free quote. We carry the leading brands to cover your needs for any type of window finish. One option that is continuing to be popular among decorators are roller shades. 


Designer roller shades are a popular choice with a modern finish. The sleek design and clean lines of roller shades are available in a variety of styles and finishes fit to match any room and interior design. Customers love roller blinds because of their space saving and clean look. The sleek design of roller blinds are dust resistant and will look modern and fresh in your home. If there are allergy concerns in your home roller blinds are an obvious choice to help control irritating dust.


Choices of finish for roller blinds have come a long way from the roller blinds of our parents years. One of the many exciting choices is how much light you want your blinds to let in. The light controlling solar filtering aspect of roller blinds has elevated this window finishing option to an even more desirable ranking. Sheer fabrics provide an airy and translucent finish that lets the outdoors in while still providing an air of privacy. A stronger light filtering choice provides the outline of outdoor features while still allowing the outside to come in; a dramatic finish for rooms with mountain views. The room darkening options are a perfect solution for an office or sun rich room that needs to be dimmed occasionally for clear view of screens and an overall relaxing effect. The black out option instantly turns any room into a home theater, or provides a night-like feel that supports a restful sleep at any time of day. 


You will love the versatility these window finishes will give you in deciding how to style and decorate your home. You will also appreciate how clean these window finishes look. Dust clings to curtains and can be hard to clean from venitian blind style window coverings. These window finishes clean easier and stay clean longer, keeping your windows the beautiful focal point they are meant to be. Enjoy your windows more and clean your window treatments less with a roller shade finish. 


Our specialists can help you decide what style and finish is right for you. Our products are manufactured by the leaders in the industry with care to detail and customer satisfaction our main concern. Our work and products are guaranteed so you never need to worry about quality and finish when you choose a window finish from Blind Appeal. Give us a call to learn more about this modern option for your home!

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