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Aug 24

Care & Cleaning of Window Coverings

One of my first questions when my husband and I purchased our wood blinds through Blind Appeal was, “How do we clean them?”  Although it takes a small amount of upkeep, it is worth it to clean your blinds on a regular basis.  This prevents build-up of dust and actually takes less time in the long run.

The following is a short, easy-to-follow guide on recommended cleaning methods and care of your window coverings.

Recommended cleaning methods for the following types of window treatments:

  • Cellular Shades
  • Natural Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Wood and Faux Wood Blinds
  • Roman Shades
  • Shutters:
  1. Dust:  Dust lightly and regularly with a feather duster.
  2. Vacuum: For deeper cleaning, vacuum lightly with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Removal of dirt and spot cleaning (excludes wood blinds, wood shutters and natural shades): Spot clean with a soft cloth or sponge, a mild detergent and warm water.  Blot gently and allow to dry completely.  Be very careful with fabric shades so as not to crush or wrinkle the fabric.

Special Caution:  DO NOT use strong detergents or spot removers; Dry cleaning window treatments is NOT recommended.

Additional Special Instructions:

Cellular Shades: when dusting, vacuuming, or spot cleaning is not enough, ultrasonic or injection/extraction cleaning with a professional blind cleaner is an option. Blind Appeal, however cannot guarantee the outcome of any cleaning services provided by an independent company.

Vertical Blinds: Vinyl varieties may be removed and immersed in water for cleaning. Fabric varieties should not be immersed in or water or dry cleaned.

And, here is an extra “tip” from Travis Jackson, one of the Blind Appeal owners:  “I always tell people that the first step in cleaning their blinds is preventative. Change the HVAC air filters every three months minimum.  This cuts down on the dusting and makes the HVAC last longer and work better too.”

May 25

Graber Unveils their Newest Product: Mezzanine Layered Shades: 

Blind Appeal is excited about our newest line of products: Graber Mezzanine Layered Shades.

An inspired hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds, Mezzanine Layered Shades offer the ultimate flexibility in light control.  In two closely linked layers of fabric stripes of sheer fabric combine with tightly woven bands of color.  As you adjust the height of the shade, you can also fine-tune the light; let the sheet fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, overlap solid-color vanes to filter or block the light, or find the perfect position in between.

The Mezzanine Layered Shades offer Continuous Loop Lift, Motorized Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Cassettes, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, including a 5 year warranty on motorization components.

Give Blind Appeal a call today for an estimate and an opportunity to preview this wonderful new product!  

Mar 31

Exterior Solar Shades:  Beat the Summer Heat!

Once again, Blind Appeal is offering their annual “Spring into Summer” Exterior Solar Shade Special April 1 – May 31 receive an extra 10% off our motorized and manual exterior solar shades. Our everyday prices on the Exterior Motorized Solar Shades also include electrical and remote.

Absorb the heat, reduce the glare, block the sun, reduce energy bills, and increase privacy with Exterior Solar Shades. And, keep those gorgeous outside views!  The exterior solar shades provide a comfortable interior as well by blocking solar rays, which protect furnishings, reduce glare and also save money on heating and cooling costs Do you want to create that perfect ambiance for family gatherings, barbecues, and enjoying the long summer days? Then give Blind Appeal a call today to schedule a free no obligation estimate.

Motorized exterior screens can also be used in places such as windows, doors, and even larger openings to create a pleasant and pest-free outdoor area to enjoy.

There are many kinds of exterior solar shades, some of which include Zip Screens (a great exterior screen for outdoor room enclosures, helping to prevent color fade of your furniture, blocks up to 90% of the heat and glare, and provides insect protection), and Self-storing Solar Screens (filter out 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, retracting into a self-storing cassette style hood).

Call us today so that you can have those exterior solar shades selected and installed in time for the summer months. 208-888-1056

Jan 20

We are excited about our brand new website and know that our customers will be too.  In this “blog” we wanted to share what we think makes Blind Appeal special, and why it is special to our Blind Appeal Family.

Sep 30

National Window Cord Safety Month: The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are urging parents and caregivers to check their window coverings for exposed or dangling cords that can pose a strangulation hazard to infants and young children, and to replace with today’s safer products. The WCSC and CPSC recommend that only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children.

Sep 11

Custom shades with Disney characters or sports teams to wow anyone! Get your little one Disney shades with their favorite character, or sports shades to display your team pride!

Jul 29

Discover the natural beauty of woven wood blinds. Aesthetically they invite the “natural” world into your home or office with their natural textures and colors. These shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources including bamboo, jute, and grasses. These products are now featured in Roman Shades, Natural Panels, and Woven Natural Drapes. The bamboo, reeds, grass and wood materials originate from countries all over the world.

May 07

“Spring into Summer”  Exterior Solar Shade Special:  May 1- June 30 receive an extra 10% off our motorized and manual exterior solar shades. Our everyday prices on the Exterior Motorized Solar Shades also include electrical and remote.

Apr 16

Solar Shades, whether motorized or manual, are one of the most sought after window covering products in our business.  They are the “modern solution for any room.”   We have been privileged to install beautiful solar shades in several businesses, as well as homes and churches throughout the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, Northern Idaho (Clarkston/Lewiston areas), and Northern Nevada (Reno and Carson City areas).

Mar 31

The beauty of honeycomb and cellular shades:  One of our very most popular styles of window treatments are cellular, or honeycomb shades. These cellular or honeycomb shades are simple, yet stylish, durable, lightweight, and are custom made to fit any door, window, arch, or skylight.

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