Graber Unveils Their Newest Product: Mezzanine Layered Shades

Graber Unveils their Newest Product: Mezzanine Layered Shades: 

Blind Appeal is excited about our newest line of products: Graber Mezzanine Layered Shades.

An inspired hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds, Mezzanine Layered Shades offer the ultimate flexibility in light control.  In two closely linked layers of fabric stripes of sheer fabric combine with tightly woven bands of color.  As you adjust the height of the shade, you can also fine-tune the light; let the sheet fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, overlap solid-color vanes to filter or block the light, or find the perfect position in between.

The Mezzanine Layered Shades offer Continuous Loop Lift, Motorized Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Cassettes, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, including a 5 year warranty on motorization components.

Give Blind Appeal a call today for an estimate and an opportunity to preview this wonderful new product!  

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