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Allure Transition Shades

It’s not a shade and it’s not sheer; yet it raises, lowers, and offers an almost endless variety of light control and viewing options. Go from absolute privacy to softly filtered light or full on sunlight in just a matter of seconds. These transitions of light are created with dual layers of horizontal fabric segments alternating between sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabric. Certainly one of the most unique window coverings offered. These shades harmoniously blends beauty with privacy. As the sun rises and falls, your transitional shades can transform from light filtering to total room darkening.



Satisfaction Guarantee

Any blinds or window treatments,  purchased from Blind Appeal are backed not only by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, but even more importantly, are backed by Blind Appeal’s Service Guarantee. You will never pay for any service or repair for any product you purchase from Blind Appeal. The one exception is for Motorized products which come with a 5 year warranty on motors. If a motor ever does fail after 5 years, the only cost you would pay is the actual cost of a new or repaired motor. No additional service fees would ever be added.

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