Spring Cleaning: Blinds Edition

Looking out the window this time of year you should be seeing the hints of green coming up on the ground, the sun coming out for longer days, and the trees filling up with buds for new leaves; all of this is signaling the coming of spring. If your view isn't quite as cheery it may be because you are looking at it through dirty blinds. 


There are many benefits to cleaning your blinds aside from the purely cosmetic one that they look better. Cleaning and taking good care of your blinds can make them last longer and protect your investment. Also, blinds can build up dust and grime over the years adding unwanted allergens to your home air. Convinced to clean now? Well here's how! 


Get the Right Tool

Depending on your type of blinds you may be able to get a specialty duster designed to fit nicely between each horizontal blind and remove the dust and build up. If not, there are a variety of home dusters that you can use to collect the dust and wipe the blinds clean. There are also several vacuums that have attachments designed specifically to help with dusting and cleaning challenging areas like your window blinds. Having the right tool can take lots of time off this chore and is well worth the investment. We recommend having a face mask and protective eyewear to ensure that the dust that is getting moved around doesn't irritate your eyes or cause a sneezing reaction. 


Wash if Needed

A simple dusting not doing the trick? Still some matted dirt or pesky stains remain? Do not give up! This may call for more diligent cleaning. If this is the case you may be in for a bit more work than you planned. We recommend a gentle soap or spray and cleaning each blind one at a time. Put your earbuds in and zen out while you give some love to each blind and ensure that they are all as clean as can be, you deserve a nice clean view!



Remember to repeat your cleaning method on both sides of your blinds. The trick to easily clean blinds is to clean them regularly, so repeat this process often. Take this off your once-a-year list and put it on your once-every-two-weeks list. Regular cleaning like this will ensure that your blinds never get too dirty and will help prolong the life of your window treatment. 


If you are ready to make your windows sparkle as well contact Cleaner Windows by Blind Appeal. Give yourself the day off and let the pros impress. You can even take credit for it, we won't tell!  



If cleaning your blinds has made you realize you are in the market for some new and updated window treatments, we are here to help. If you want to learn more, schedule one of our window covering experts for a FREE estimate and more information by calling the office at 208-888-1056. If you have any questions about purchasing some awesome exterior solar shades or commercial blind or window coverings, or any other window covering related issue, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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