Buying Outdoor Furniture In Any Weather, Year Round!

The weather outside may be terrible, but the deals and selection of outdoor furniture here at Blind Appeal is excellent! Yes, it is cold and in the middle of winter, but the selection of outdoor furniture is hot here at our new showroom floor. Come and shop our essential collection of outdoor furniture, window coverings, and just about anything else that your home may need in order to be the best hangout destination on the block. Give us a shoutout on social media and let us know what you are looking forward to celebrating this year once the weather gets better and we can party in the backyard again. We can’t wait to hear from you!


What Is Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture seems like a contradiction in terms like jumbo shrimp or a quiet chef, but it is true! Some of the best and most comfy furniture is actually designed to be used and kept outside. We at Blind Appeal have an excellent selection of outdoor furniture that you can use to turn your plain backyard into a 2nd living room, expanding your home significantly without having to lift a hammer or tighten a screw. 


Did You Know We Can Store It For You?

Oh, and besides our top notch selection and incredible pricing, we have a bonus add-on that you will love. If you buy your outdoor furniture now, so you can be summer-ready when the weather turns nice again, we will store it for you absolutely free of charge! That’s right. Save money and time hauling and storing bulky outdoor furniture during the winter months and just have us do it. We will hold onto your purchase until you are ready to pick it up this summer for your first party or barbecue of the year. Don’t worry, we will let you visit it anytime if you want to give it a test run. Ask us how we can make your summer party dreams come true.  


We Sell Corn Hole Sets! 

Besides having a great selection of outdoor furniture (which we will store for you until you are ready to pick it up!) we also sell party invigorators like Corn Hole boards and collections. Our Corn Hole boards aren’t just your run of the mill ones, oh no. These are handcrafted in small batches locally right here in Idaho by Idaho businesses. We offer RedBeard corn hole sets that the whole family will enjoy. 


Buy A Lazy Susan Here

Are you behind a bit in your kitchen or outdoor barbeque area organization? A lazy susan can help! With this product, you can keep your spices and other cooking supplies in order and within reach all in one place. Come on by our showroom to see our selection of lazy susan's today. 


For The Road

We hope that this highlight of our excellent outdoor furniture selection was useful to you. If you want to make a purchase, schedule one of our window covering experts for a FREE estimate and more information by calling the office at 208-888-1056. If you have any questions about purchasing some awesome exterior solar shades or commercial blind or window covering work, or any other window covering related issue, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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