Introducing Cleaner Windows By Blind Appeal. A Partnership For The Ages!

Peanut butter and jelly, steak and eggs, Boise State Broncos football and beating the Fresno State Bulldogs, three combinations that are matches made in heaven. But, what if we told you that there is another contender that is knocking at the door of the top three best combinations known to humankind? That fantastic pairing is, of course, the partnership between Blind Appeal and Cleaner Windows. Yes, that’s right, Blind Appeal is going to be offering home window washing services to our excellent residents of the Treasure Valley starting in June of 2023! In today’s article, we’re going to learn all about the exciting partnership and what it means to our valued customers like yourself. 


Sounds Great. Can You Tell Me A Little More About Cleaner Windows?

Yes! Cleaner Windows is another locally owned small business just like Blind Appeal. The business was started in 2020 by Kris Ott. Kris built the thriving business during one of the most difficult times to start a business in recent history. Doing this allowed him to build and maintain strong client relationships all across Idaho. When you want to schedule an appointment to get your home’s windows cleaned through our new collaboration, then Kris will be managing that side of things and you will be so glad you get to work with him, as are we. Kris and his crew are second to none and will provide you with the same top quality service and craftsmanship that you’ve come to expect from the Blind Appeal brand. 


What Are Some Of The New Services Being Offered With This Partnership?

We are proud to offer a whole slew of new services that come along with Kris and his dedicated crew. Here are a few new services we will be able to provide through the Cleaner Windows by Blind Appeal partnership, all backed by a 7 day rain protection guarantee! 

  • Window cleaning, interior and exterior
    • Many window cleaning services will just offer the exterior as their basic package. We offer interior and exterior as well.
  • Gutter cleaning, full scale
    • Get your gutters cleaned to help prevent overflow of harmful water each time it rains. Clogged and dirty gutters can lead to harmful ice dams in the winter and mold and moss buildup in the summer.
  • Home and commercial building exterior surface specialized soft wash.
  • Call today for a free consultation and estimate!


We hope that this introduction to our new friends at Cleaner Windows has helped you learn more about the amazing services that we are happy to offer with them. We are also proud to introduce our incredible new warehouse and showroom space in Meridian. Please feel free to stop on by anytime in the next few months. Schedule one of our window covering experts for a FREE estimate and more information by calling the office at 208-888-1056. If you have any questions about purchasing some awesome exterior solar shades or commercial blind or window covering work, or any other window covering related issue, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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