Valentine's Day in the Treasure Valley

Valentine’s Day means so many things to so many different people. To some, it’s a time to try to find that special someone, to other’s it’s a time to impress the special someone you already have. We at Blind Appeal are nothing if not romantics at heart and we believe that one of the fastest and easiest ways to say “I love you” for Valentine’s Day is to surprise your love with a new set of custom window coverings! Bringing an updated and modern style to your home while also saving money on utility bills is a fantastic surprise that will be paying dividends for years to come. 


So, this Valentine’s Day, why not give the gift of a surprise window covering makeover? Barring that, we also put together a fun and exciting list of Valentine’s Day activities in and around the Treasure Valley that you can do together after you have surprised your partner with new blinds and shades. 


Woo At The Zoo

Come on by Zoo Boise this year to celebrate love, no matter the species! At “Woo At The Zoo” you and your date will be treated to a fun, romantic, and memorable evening at your favorite local zoo. Woo At The Zoo includes dinner, dessert, drinks, and of course, chocolate! You will also be treated to a fun and cheeky presentation about the love lives of exotic animals from around the world. $60 per person. More information on their website here:


Reserve A Romantic Table At A Fine Restaurant… At Home!

The classic Valentine's Day date night is a classic for a reason. It works and it’s fun! We have a special recommendation though, we suggest you try to surprise your partner with a romantic home-cooked gourmet meal. It may take some practice, but we promise that it is easier than it looks to pull off a fantastic meal. Try some of international superstar chef Gordon Ramsay’s recipe videos on YouTube. He walks you through every step of the way and is surprisingly accessible to even the most novice home cooks. Here’s a direct link to chef Ramsay’s videos: 


“Romancing The Pen” A Locked Up In Love Tale At The Old Penitentiary

Ever wanted to do something completely out of the box for your date on this special holiday? Try this wild date night activity that you won’t soon forget. Register today for this special event that includes a guided tour of the old Idaho State Penitentiary in which you will find the true meaning of “ball and chain” through exhibits on love stories and love letters from within the Pen. Dress warm and bring a flashlight! More information and registration here:



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