All About Roman Shades. A Buying Guide For The Modern Consumer

What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are fabric window treatments that are sewn together and are stacked up and down in a horizontal pattern. They are often equipped with a cord or two on either end of the shade that, when pulled, will raise or lower the whole treatment that is tied up behind them. Roman shades are considered to be one of the original window treatments, dating back hundreds of years. They are iconic and have really stood the test of time due in part to their simple yet elegant design. 


They are also energy efficient, flexible, and durable. Great for households looking to save on energy bills and houses with small children who can be tough on blinds and window treatments in general. 


Different Styles Of Roman Shades

There are two primary types of fabrics that comprise Roman shades: woven wood fabric or linen fabric.


Woven Wood: put together using woven natural materials like bamboo or grasses

  • Bring natural feel to your home
  • Add character and contrast that most other products most products don’t provide
  • Can have a seamless flat fold when closed
  • Comes with traditional balance or waterfall balance

Linen Fabric: Polyester, wool, cotton, or silk

  • Warmer feeling, decoration wise. Considered cozy and elegant. 
  • Comes in three designs: modern flat fold, flat fold with batten back, traditional full fold.
  • Comes with traditional balance or waterfall balance


Specialized Liners

Roman shades that we provide all come with a specialized liner sewn into the rear of them. Each different style of liner provides a different functionality depending on your needs and decorating style for your home. They provide different types of energy efficiency and lighting contrasts. They are:



  • Provides some energy efficiency and allows the most light in
  • For privacy, this is the least private so decorate accordingly

Light Filter

  • Provides more energy efficiency and helps to keep a majority of the light out of the room when needed
  • Can provide privacy, but not as high as Room Darkening liners

Room darkening

  • These provide the most energy efficiency and can help to completely blackout a room when desired
  • Brings the most privacy from outside observers

Flexibility And Reliability

Roman shades provide a unique blend of classic appeal and modern functionality. You can customize your light levels and energy efficiency to help you strike the perfect balance for every room in your home. 


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