Exterior Shades: Schedule and Purchase PRIOR to Manufacturer Price Increase January 1, 2023!

Dear readers. There is a great opportunity for you to save some money and to get some of the best exterior shades the market has to offer, but you have to act fast. Coming January 1st, 2023 our complete selection of Corradi Exterior Shades will be going up in price due to a manufacturer price increase. Inflation is definitely impacting all areas of the consumer market and window coverings are no exception, however, it doesn’t have to impact your wallet if you don’t want it to! Now is the PERFECT time to get yourself into a brand new Corradi shade set at a fantastic price. Don’t walk, run (or call) your nearest Blind Appeal sales representative and schedule your consultation and purchase before the end of the year so that you can lock in a great product at a great value, perfect to change things up in the New Year for your home. Call 208-888-1056 today.


Create A Winter Get-Away Right In Your Own Backyard 


Corradi Exterior Shades can be installed to make a complete room of your outdoor patio. That means that if you don’t have a setup like this, then you are missing out. Turn your back deck or patio area into a very comfortable and livable space that is practically an extra room in your house. Don’t let good space go to waste, especially in the winter. Yeah, you can sit on your back patio in the summer, but in the winter, if it isn’t closed in with custom shades from Blind Appeal like the Corradi exterior shades, then it will just be wasted space all winter long.


Experience The Luxury And Craftsmanship Of Corradi USA Exterior Shades


Blind Appeal proudly exclusively sells Corradi USA. They are a subsidiary of Corradi in Italy, which is an international leading maker of architectural outdoor living products. Their comprehensive line of shading products exemplify European design and functionality. Corradi USA's Italian engineering expertise combined with our American manufacturing excellence have made Corradi USA uniquely qualified in transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into relaxing destinations. Craftsmanship like this only comes along once in a generation and you really have to see it for yourself. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer.




Take advantage of this excellent offer while you still can! Remember that you have to schedule and purchase PRIOR to Manufacturer Price Increase January 1, 2023! 

Schedule one of our exterior shade experts for a FREE estimate and more information by calling the office at 208-888-1056. If you have any questions about purchasing some awesome exterior solar shades or commercial blind or window covering work, or any other window covering related issue, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

If you’re curious about any of our products or services, then we are absolutely here to help. We proudly provide, install, and service blinds, shades, shutters and exterior shades for families all across the Treasure Valley. Give your home a great present this year and give us a call.

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