October Is Blind Safety Month

It’s October and that means it’s National Window Covering Safety Month. Today we are going to share some information about this month and the reason it exists as well as some tips for helping to keep your home safe this October and every month beyond. If you have any safety questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can help you right away. You can do so by contacting us here or by giving us a call at: (208) 888-1056. Without further ado, here is some information on the month-long campaign and some safety tips for your home. 


What Is National Window Covering Safety Month?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States Of America has concluded that corded window coverings are among the top five hidden hazards within American homes today. According to the Window Covering Safety Council, “Corded window coverings are a strangulation hazard as infants and young children can accidentally become entangled in the cords. A serious accident can only take seconds. The CPSC, the window covering industry, and consumer safety advocates all agree that only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords should be used in homes with young children.”


What Is Something That I Can Do To Help Make My Home Safer?

That’s a great question! We definitely have a lot of recommendations for keeping your home safer in these circumstances. First off, we recommend that you replace all corded blinds, drapes, and other types of window coverings that contain cords with non-corded corresponding options. To help identify which ones are the best kid-safe alternatives, we recommend looking for the “Best For Kids” certification logo on your next purchase. This certification means that the product is best suited for use in homes with young children. You’ll want to purchase one of these products as a suitable replacement for your window covering products. 


How Does A Manufacturer Get Designated “Best For Kids”? 

According to the Window Covering Safety Council, in order to be eligible for this certification, manufacturers must meet the specified program criteria and submit their window covering products to a designated third party testing laboratory. Once products pass testing, they may be labeled Best for Kids™. Best for Kids products are currently available at major retailers across the country. This means that you can confidently purchase products for your home that have this certification. It’s an easy and worry free way to help you ensure that you are buying a safer product for your home and family. 



Safety is always a top priority around here. If you have any questions about blind safety or any other window covering related issue, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.
If you’re curious about any of our products or services, then we are absolutely here to help. We proudly provide, install, and service blinds, shades, shutters and exterior shades for families all across the Treasure Valley. Give your home a great present this year and give us a call.

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