All About Exterior Shades

It’s summertime and summer is made for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. When it gets too hot, rather than retreating back indoors, why not fight back against the heat by bringing the comforts and convenience of the indoors to your very own backyard? If you’re like most homeowners, you love spending time in your backyard. It is your own little kingdom in many ways and it’s yours to customize as you see fit. We highly recommend installing a set of exterior shades like the Pergotendas system from Corradi! Let’s learn more about the benefits and possibilities that these top notch solar shades have to offer? 


Ok, Just What Exactly Are Exterior Shades?

Exterior shades are specialized types of shades that are made especially for use in the out of doors. They are hardened to withstand moisture and the elements including harsh UV rays from the sun. They are made to be outside 24/7 as opposed to inside like your typical shades and blinds. These can be used in a variety of different ways and styles. You can attach them vertically to the sides of your deck to provide shade to the sides of your seating area or you can attach them horizontally above your outdoor patio or deck area to provide protection from direct overhead sun. These are typically retractable and can be automated and connected to smart devices as well. There are so many options they are virtually endless.


Pergotendas From Corradi

Pergotendas sound like an enticing Italian sweet delicacy, but it is actually the name of one of Corradi’s marquee exterior shades products. The Pergotenda line of products from Corradi offer retractable roof systems that can fit your needs whether they be commercial or residential or all of the above. They have both wood, and aluminum designs that can help maximize the use of your restaurant or coffee shop patio or perfect the level of luxury in your own backyard. 


The special thing about Corradi’s Pergotendas is that they are stand alone semi-permanent structures that provide top down vertical shade from overhead light, year round. The shades themselves are crafted rotating blades that can be adjusted by remote control or smart device to create the perfect microclimate to fit your needs. 


Benefits Of Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades help you live your outdoor life to the absolute fullest. They absorb and reflect dangerous summer heat, keep your backyard more livable and fun for entertaining, and create a beautiful ambiance. They also help to protect and elongate the life of your outdoor furniture and flooring. Installing them is really a win win!



Contact us today to purchase a Pergotenda from Corradi or to learn more about this great product and other similar products we have on offer. If you’re curious about any of our products or services, then we are absolutely here to help. We proudly provide, install, and service blinds, shades, shutters and exterior shades for families all across the Treasure Valley. Give your home a great present this year and give us a call.

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