Blind Appeal Family Update

We are so excited to announce that we have officially changed the structure of our office staff! We can’t wait to share with you the changes and what that will mean for the company moving forward. But first, let’s talk about shades. Now that summer is in full swing, it might be time for you to invest in some energy saving and money saving shades for your home or office. Our stylish and energy efficient honeycomb shades can fit on any door or window and are the perfect addition to your home’s energy efficiency upgrade suite. They create a pocket of cool air between your home’s inner rooms and the outside elements. This helps to insulate you from the heat outside thanks to the specialized closed cell design, saving you on your energy bills year round. Learn more here. 


Our Office Staffing Changes

They say that the only true constant is change and that is no lie when it comes to business. We have decided to make some interesting and impactful changes to our staffing at the main office space, aka the headquarters. Here are the bullet points of our staffing movements and details behind the moves. 


*Katy has been moved to the Office Administrator position for the four other office staff. She was formerly the Office Manager. 


*Mandy has been moved from Administrative Assistant to Account Executive.


*Jade has been hired as another Account Executive, making a total of two in the office. 


*Account Executives are responsible for their own group of sales associates. Mandy is responsible for Wes, John, and Skyler. Jade is responsible for Ryan, Mike, and Nichole. They will help the sales associates take care of their customers with the utmost of diligence. They will communicate during the pre and post engagement period with introductions while extending a helping hand for any of their needs or questions. They will also track orders, reorders, and generally fulfill client and employee needs. This was developed to help our team better serve our customers!


*Sarah is our new Office Specialist and is responsible for answering phones and scheduling. She will also be forwarding calls and messages to other team members. 


*Brook’s position remains unchanged as an Administrative Assistant. 


*Here is a link to the updated staffing pages with new photos of the team!



This is a great time of year to invest in your happiness by upgrading your home’s window coverings. That was just a taste of all of the exciting things going on in our office. Looking for a great deal or promotion on blinds or window coverings? Check out our “Current Promotions” page here where you can find all of our exciting deals like discounts, rebates, and extras. 


Contact us today to speak with one of us and get your free consultation for your home or business. If you’re curious about any of our products or services, then we are absolutely here to help. We proudly provide, install, and service blinds, shades, shutters and exterior shades for families all across the Treasure Valley. Give your home a great present this year and give us a call.

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