All About Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades are really useful, practical, and great looking! They are the perfect upgrade to your current setup or they make an excellent choice when building a new home from the ground up. No matter the climate or the location, exterior solar shades can help you take your shade game to the next level. Let’s learn a little more about them, shall we?


What Are Exterior Solar Shades?

These are specialized shades that are affixed to the outside of our house that help create a semi enclosed indoor-outdoor living area like a screened in porch, or patio, or balcony. They allow you to relax in your furnished outdoor area without having to suffer direct sunlight and they help prevent bugs and reduce wind. All in all, they are a perfect addition to your backyard, balcony, or patio!


What Do They Do?

They do so much! They help to reduce incoming heat from the sun, block harsh sunlight, cut energy costs, and grant privacy in all of your semi-outdoor areas. Solar shades also help to extend the life of your furniture and decorations by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. They accomplish all of this while still allowing you to keep your original view of the great outdoors. You get all of the benefits of relaxing outside but none of the drawbacks. Try some out on your home today.


Three Great Options For Your Screens!

The first type is called a Zip Screen. This is best for outdoor room enclosures and helps prevent color fade on furniture by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s harmful heat and glare. They also provide fantastic insect protection. The last thing you want is a bunch of little flying critters trying to land in your food or drinks while relaxing out on your beautiful patio!


The second type is called a Self Storing Solar Screen which helps to filter out harmful UV rays and conveniently retracts into a self-storing cassette style hood. They provide the full outdoor experience when you want it and can be deployed at a moment’s notice for when you don’t. 


The third we want to showcase is the Corradi USA Exterior Solar Screen system. These solve virtually every outdoor and indoor sun protection need. These are perfect for residential or commercial needs including offices, restaurants, hotels, or home patios.



This is a great time of year to invest in your happiness by upgrading your exterior shade experience. You will appreciate just how nice and inviting your backyard dining area will look afterwards! 


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