All About Pergotendas

Pergotenda. It sounds a little bit like a delicate Italian dessert, but it is actually the next evolution of outdoor retractable roof systems. For the savvy business owner looking to enhance their dining space or the homeowner who loves to entertain outdoors, the Pergotenda by Corradi has something for everyone. The Pergotenda by Corradi is the right choice for today’s informed consumer. Let’s learn more about the different features to choose from!


Overview: Pergotendas In A Nutshell

To put it simply, a Pergotenda is a featured packed pergola that has a motorized retractable roof. These aren’t your grandaddy’s pergolas, though! These are made with the top of the line construction materials and can be customized in a number of different ways. They can even be controlled remotely by a handheld control or through a connected smart device. 


Some Pergotenda models feature a roof structure made from louvered aluminum slats, much like vertical blinds but they are laid out horizontally instead of vertically. You can control the rotation angle of the blades at any time in order to produce the shade level and coolness level you desire. This enables your outdoor living and entertaining spaces to be comfortable all year round. Enjoy your own custom microclimate set to your needs. Welcome to the 21st century, pergolas! 


Commercial Applications

The Pergotenda isn’t just the perfect fit for your home’s outdoor entertainment space but it is great for businesses looking to enhance their dining area and impress their guests as they shop, dine, and chat in a perfectly temperature controlled space. Corradi offers several excellent Pergotenda models made for commercial businesses to deploy. The Kubo model is a freestanding Pergotenda that is modular and expandable and feature rich. 


Each Kubo is its own freestanding structure about 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep. They can be easily joined together to make a longer or wider space as you see fit. Businesses can even install blinds on the sides of each Kubo module so that you can have the look and feel of “walls” while still remaining outside. 


The key is customization and automation. The Pergotenda is there to fit your needs as a business owner that best serves your customer and your bottom line. Invest in your business’s future with a Kubo Pergotenda by Corradi. 



This is a great time of year to invest in your happiness by upgrading your pergola experience. You will appreciate just how nice and inviting your backyard dining area will look afterwards! 


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