Fall Decor Tips

As the season change is just upon us we begin to enjoy the cooler fall weather and see the beginnings of beautiful color change happening in the trees everywhere we look. Living in the Treasure Valley means we get the benefit of enjoying all the seasons. For many of us, fall is the favorite time of year. The view from the Foothills around Boise reveals a patchwork of color as the trees of the valley change to all different shades of reds, yellows, and orange. Start breaking out the sweaters and jackets to stay warm while enjoying some of the great football we get to enjoy here supporting our Boise State Broncos. As proud Boise State Home Team Sponsors, football and basketball season is our favorite!


There are so many ways to get out and enjoy the great fall weather in the Treasure Valley, but fall is also a time when we get to enjoy staying in as well. The early nights make evenings at home all the more cozy and enjoyable. Here are some great tips on some timeless and new trends to bring the fall into your home decor so that you can fully enjoy the season even from the comfort of your couch.


Throw Blankets

This season is a great time to bring out those treasured quilts and afghans. Every chair and couch can benefit from a well-placed throw blanket. Ensure you and your guests are comfortable by always having a blanket option available. We find that homemade treasures are great conversation pieces that not only provide great decor with their added texture and color options but also heartfelt comfort. Even if you don’t have any homemade ones in your collection yet, throw blankets can be found in abundance at home decor stores, and now is the time to feature them in your house. 



With the beautiful fall colors, we also get a sunset that comes earlier and earlier with every passing day. This means that lighting is becoming a more and more important feature of your home. Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your home and bring in the tones of the season. More than just a gimmick, smart bulbs have become a fantastic addition to any room. If you have not looked into these yet we recommend you do so now. Control the strength of the light as well as the tone and color of the light all from your phone. With as many choices as there are colors, these lights can turn a room from a bright study space to a cozy movie theater without you ever having to get out of your seat. There are many great brands out there now and Wirecutter offers an in-depth look at your options and gives you great recommendations for the bulb for you. 


Finally, candles can bring in the beautiful quality of light as well as the great scents of the season. The collection of White Barn Scented Candles from Bath and Body Works are a favorite for the quality of their scents and long wick life. 


When thinking about your home decor, remember that quality manufactured and expertly installed window treatments are a timeless way to improve the feel and look of your home year round. Our outdoor living spaces and exterior shades that close in patios are an excellent addition to any home.  Give the team at Blind Appeal a call today for a free estimate. We hope you enjoy this beautiful Treasure Valley fall as much as we do!

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