Preparing the Exterior of Your Home For Fall and Winter

As fall comes, suddenly our time is taken up by so many other things. School is back up and running and that means carpools and homework. We get to welcome football season back. It’s also time to schedule the last few fun BBQs, get outside and enjoy all the fall colors, and then there are all the festivals and corn mazes. On top of all of this, the days are only getting shorter, which means much less time to do the list of fall chores every homeowner has to make sure are checked off the list to ensure your home is ready for fall time. 



When the City of Trees drops all of her leaves it can be a big job to stay on top of. Seemingly there are just about as many leaf managing products as there are leaves. Thankfully Bob Villa is here to help sort through it. He gives a great review of leaf managing tools for your lawn here. Managing leaves on the ground is one thing, managing them in the gutter is a whole other job. Do not forget to ensure that your gutters are getting just as cleared and cleaned as your yard is. Fall brings lots of mixed weather in the Treasure Valley and a clogged gutter can quickly turn into a huge and potentially expensive mess. 


Outdoor Spaces

Our patios and decks should bring us year-round opportunities to enjoy our outdoors and entertain friends and family. With everything from outdoor propane heaters to fire pits, there are many products that help us enjoy our outdoor spaces no matter what the weather. To protect the long life of costly yard furniture we recommend you get covers for your patio furniture as well as BBQs and outdoor cookers. Most brands offer a cover engineered to protect their specific products from the inclement weather of our region. However, you can also invest in heavy-duty tarps and bungee cords and create your own protection solution for your outdoor furniture. Even though outdoor furniture is rated for all weather, it should still be protected during consistent rain and snow. 


Whether you have a patio or a deck, now is the ideal time to give these areas a deep clean and additional sealing to have your surfaces fully protected and readied for the months of strong weather ahead. The team at This Old House has some great recommendations to keep your deck ready for any season.


There is so much to do and enjoy about the fall season here in the Treasure Valley. It is hard to balance all of the great opportunities to enjoy the season and explore the region with the responsibilities of preparing your home and yard to withstand the months ahead. Make a list of the things that need to get done and plan ahead so that you have time scheduled for fun and work in the coming weeks. 

A great way to take one chore off of your list is to call the team at Blind Appeal and get a quote for new window treatments that are custom made to withstand many seasons to come. These expertly installed treatments will bring beauty into your home year a round.

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