What Window Coverings Do You Put In Sliding Glass Doors?

In today’s blog we are going to take a look at the latest YouTube video by our content team that goes over one of the most common questions we get from customers: What window coverings do we recommend for sliding glass doors? You can find the full video here which we recommend that you watch and share with friends. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started, shall we?


The Sliding Door Problem

As many a good home decorator will tell you, finding the perfect window covering solution for your home’s sliding glass doors is no easy task. Sliding doors are typically high traffic areas so you will need a covering solution that will be durable and able to stand up to abuse and functions easily so that getting it out of the way of the opening is quick and easy. Glass doors let in a tremendous amount of light and heat. They tend to let the Sun’s rays have their way with the place and can lead to higher energy bills in the summer and greater wear and tear on your home due to UV ray bleaching, so the window covering must also be able to block as much of the sun’s light as possible while still being easy to use and durable. That is a tall order!


The Window Covering Solution: Multiple Choice

There are lots of ways to tackle this problem. Luckily we have six great suggestions to help you with your solution.


Vertical Slats Or Vinyl Slats

These are a great marriage of form and function. They can be easily moved out of the way with one hand and can offer protection from sunlight even while open half way. People may be surprised to learn that they come in a variety of colors and materials and aren't just relegated to being stiff vinyl or plastic slats. The downside with these is that they tend to break or get damaged in homes with small children or rambunctious larger dogs.



You can’t go wrong with draperies, right? This classic solution is perfect for homes that want a warm and comforting feel with the ease of use that a good drapery system provides. If you want total blackout light protection for your home theater or bedroom, nothing beats them.


Sliding Panels

Less common but very effective. These are recommended for homes with a higher budget for window coverings or if you want to try something completely different than your usual covering fare. These can be motorized and automated to help you complete your ultimate smart home experience.


Honeycomb Shades

These are an excellent middle ground between heavy drapes and vinyl slats. If you already have honeycomb shades then this will help tie that theme together and they come in a variety of colors and textures. These are also perfect for helping you save on your energy bills as the honeycomb design helps keep the largest amount of heat out of your home. 


Plantation Shutters

There are two options. We can install them so that they roll from side to side, but beware that you might lose a good amount of the view out of the sliding door area if you do. We can also have them with vertical hinges as they will swing outward from the door like a closet door. 


Roller Shades

These are very helpful in a higher traffic sliding door home. They easily fold up and out of the way so that you can go in and out with ease. Perfect if you love to entertain outside in the backyard or have a large family that is constantly using it. These can also be our special banded shades which can offer partial privacy and can also be automated and motorized and part of your smart home setup. 


Not sure what will work best in your home? Give us a call! Our experts are here ready to help you find the perfect solution. 

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