Roman and Designer Roller Shades

When considering how to dress the most important feature of your home, you have several options. There are beautiful floor length drapes, shutters in a variety of styles, and all types of blinds. When making the decision how to best finish your windows you need to be fully aware of your options and understand the immense variety of choices you have for style and design. Our team at Blind Appeal have been helping to create that perfect window finish for our clients in the Treasure Valley for decades. With a staff of friendly professionals, we have created dream home finishes for countless clients and continue to share our passion for design with new clients every day. When looking for quality and craftsmanship that you can rely on, we are here for you. 


The Blind Appeal team could not be more excited to share our Roman Shade options with homeowners. If you are looking for something functional and timeless, the Roman Shade is a fast favorite. As a window covering they provide a smooth finish that can block the sun in any room and provide the type of lighting that best suits the function of the space. When pulled up to let the full light in they have a stacked appearance that provides texture and geometric qualities to your room. Blind Appeal carries Roman Shades in a variety of styles and finishes sure to meet the needs and interior design desires of any room. A window finish that has roots in ancient Roman history along with the technology and finish that a modern home looks for is a unique marriage of classic design and modern sensibility. Give us a call for an estimate today!


Blind Appeal is known for our selection and unique design abilities to add a classy finish to any and every room. From exterior finishes to interior finishes, our team does not disappoint in our depth of style and sophistication. One style that is making a big comeback for its sleek appearance and mid century modern class are Designer Roller Shades. While Roller Shades have a nostalgia about them, they have come a long way in function and design from what we may remember from years ago. Prized for their ability to block out the sun when needed and allow just the right amount of light in, Roller Shades have truly evolved from their early days. Blind Appeal offers a variety of finishes and styles that control the amount of light let into a room and creates a modern sleek finish that is sought after by any homeowner. 


There is no way to truly know how your home can be transformed into the space that you have always wanted it to be without taking the time to consult with a Blind Appeal expert. Give us a call to get a free estimate on custom designer window finishes that will make you feel more at home than ever and create the living space that you have always wanted. 

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