Sold on Cellular Shades Thanks to Chris Meyers

Window coverings have quickly evolved from an industry with few options to one with several options and choices to select from when finishing what many consider the most important feature of a home-the window. When presented with all of the options it can be confusing and even intimidating to try to make a selection that will work best for your home and lifestyle. Thankfully, Blind Appeal’s own shade guru Chris Meyers is here to walk you through the options and highlight what the most desired choice for window finishing currently is in today’s crowded and complicated market; the cellular shade. 


The most recent video on our Youtube page features Chris Meyers, Blind Appeal’s Field Manager and overall window covering guru. In our video “What are Honeycomb aka Cellular Shades?” Chris starts by showing off the interesting design structure of the incredibly popular cellular shades. Individual cells, resembling honeycombs, are linked to create pockets that trap air making it more difficult for energy to pass through the shades. This design structure stores heat which makes homes much more energy efficient. By trapping the energy in the honeycomb-like cell structure it makes rooms warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. 


This cutting edge design feature is available in a huge selection of colors and sizes adding to the products popularity and versatility to match whatever home design and personal style and function you are looking for. The size of the cell structures can be found in as small as 3/8ths inch to the largest at 2 inches. While you have lots of choice in honeycomb size, you truly have unlimited choice when it comes to color. From muted greys and whites to a dramatic array of colors you are sure to find your perfect match. The variety of colors and sizes is complemented by four choices of finish that help accomplish the purpose and final look you envision for a room. Black out options are available as well as semi-sheer that let in as much light as possible. The favorite light filtering finish provides the balance of privacy and light. 


The choices that Blind Appeal provides for cell shades continues on to the operational functions. There is traditional cord operated, as well as the most popular- cordless. Cordless control is the safest for families with children and provides the added benefit of a sleek look and design. For windows that are hard to reach or to advance your window finishing consider the motorized functionality. Finally, what may be the best function of cell shades is the top down, bottom up function. Control the light you're letting in, the privacy you want to maintain, and optimize your beautiful natural views by having the versatility to let light in from the top of the shade as well as the bottom. 


Learn more about cellular shades by watching Chris’s video here. We look forward to the next type of window finishing Chris can educate us on with his combination of humor and industry insight. These informative and fun videos from Blind Appeal are ensuring that customers know all they need to make the best decision for their home and families. The best part is, if you have more questions the team at Blind Appeal is only a phone call away.

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