Renew Your Home in the New Year With New Shades

This past year we have all spent more time in our homes than ever before. Working from home and learning from home has changed our living spaces in unpredictable ways. In the coming year we hope for a return to more normal times, but we know that the home will continue to be the focal point of our lives. As you look for ways to upgrade your spaces and invest in your home, we encourage you to consider a face lift for your windows. Here are some suggestions for window treatments that will elevate your space, modernize your room, and be a great investment in your home. 


Solar Shades

When you have windows you want to be able to bring in that natural light. However, that light can interfere with computer and TV screens. Tired of hiding in a corner with your computer, covering the light coming in from the window? You need solar shades. Banetti and Insolroll have designed beautiful solar shades in a variety of colors to compliment any room. Let the light in, see outside, but cut out the harsh light and glare of full sun. Don’t hide from the glare, control it! Simply the best of both worlds and an attractive addition to any room. 


Bring Color and Character

Remember when the only treatment option for a window were plastic blinds that came in three colors, with strings that always got knotted? And forget about trying to clean them! Thankfully, there have been some inspiring evolutions in home blinds. No need for the boring and predictable; window treatments can be beautiful and creative. If you want something interesting in your room when you close the windows consider a patterned roller shade, or a blind in a vibrant color that perfectly completes a room. There is no limit to the possibilities, and you have license to be as creative as you want. Hunter Douglas and Graber Solar are a couple of our favorite brands for creating magical window coverings that are functional and stylish.


Motorize Your Blinds

With robot vacuums and wireless everything there seems no end to the exciting advancements in home technology. While some of it borders on the just plane silly, there are some advancements that really are too good to miss out on. The top of our list for a way to bring your home beautifully into the future is motorized blinds. Control the light you let into your home from the comfort of your couch or bed with motorized blinds. This is an added level of sophistication that is a great investment in your home and an even better investment in your quality of life. In addition to beauty and style, these cordless window treatments provide added safety for small children and pets. 


Whether you are looking to add beauty and style, modernize, or create more livable rooms; an update to your window treatment is a great way to maximize your spaces both indoor and out. Any and all of the possibilities for window treatments we talked about here and more are available from our trusted team at Blind Appeal. Give us a call for a quote today!

Posted by littleegg at 12/29/2020 5:13:00 PM
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