Fall Home Design Trends

Home decorating trends, much like fashion trends, can be a lot to keep up with in the best of times. This year, we all may need a little extra help staying on top of what is hot and what is not for 2020. We’ve put together a quick home decoration style guide for you to use when decorating your house this fall and holiday season so that your guests (or Zoom audience) will be impressed no matter how far away they are.


Here Are Five Interior Home Design Options That Are Trending For 2020


Grandma Chic Is At Its Peak

I guess dear ol’ granny was right all along. Loud floral print wallpaper and couch patterns are so in right now. “Chintzy” decorations like tea cozies, embroidered curtains, 60’s mod furniture and lamps are all hot. Don’t forget natural fiber rugs and topiaries! There has never been a better time to call your grandma and ask her advice on home decoration. Also, don’t forget to have her share her chocolate chip cookie recipe with you. 


2020 Trends Are Brought To You By The Color Blue

That’s right. In addition to grandma being cool again, blue is totally hip these days. See if you can order some loud blue print throw pillows or maybe paint that accent wall a dark blue that will just pop. Everything old is blue again!


The Tiger King Of Trends: Animal Prints Are Back

Maybe it’s because we’ve been cooped up watching too much Tiger King this year or maybe it’s because animal print rugs and blankets make excellent conversation pieces, but animal print everything has taken 2020 by storm and there is no sign this tiger is slowing down. So, get out there and start decorating your house with pops of cat print unless you’re home with a bad case of cat scratch fever. 


Designer Roller Shades

Roller shades provide an elegant solution that helps provide the soft look of curtains with the ease of use and customization that blinds offer. It’s the best of both worlds and they also provide top notch thermal efficiency which will help you save money on your heating bill this fall and winter. Call us today for a free custom quote!


Bringing The Outside In Is… In For 2020

Summer may be over, but with the leaves and plants turning a stunning array of colors, fall has its own merits for sure. A big trend for 2020 is bringing parts of nature indoors to add much needed variety and vibrance. Take some trimmed branches with orange and yellow leaves on them and place them in a large vase or bowl to add a fresh touch of the outdoors to your kitchen or dining room. You can even make a fall wreath for your front door out of foraged pieces of fall branches. The sky’s the limit!


With all things fashion and decoration, there is a season and a time to change things up. When it comes to your window coverings like blinds, shades, shutters, and even awnings, Blind Appeal can help you get the highest quality modern products for the best value. Get ahold of us today to see the Blind Appeal Difference for yourself!

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