Keeping Cool With Quality Shades

The summer heat is upon us and that means that it is time to be more diligent about keeping your shades down during the day while the sun’s light is most intense. If you don’t have the right shades you could be paying more in energy bills for air conditioning than you need to. We want to do the right thing and balance style with UV and heat protection all while staying within budget. It’s a lot to consider! There are many great reasons to have high quality shades for your home, so let’s go over a few!


Cellular & Honeycomb Shades

If you are pinching every last penny until it hurts, then these are the shades for you! The unique honeycomb design offers a closed cell that traps pockets of air which then act as a powerful barrier between the harsh sun outdoors and the cool air indoors. Don’t worry! They also help you stay warm in the winter by providing a barrier to the frigid cold outside. If you’re wanting to save the absolute most on your energy bills, then these shades are the ones for you. They are a “stylish way to boost the energy efficiency in your home.”


Layered or Transitional Shades

Want a great way to add style and flourish to your home without sacrificing utility? Layered Shades are the perfect way to help outfit your home with powerful furniture saving UV blocking technology while still being able to express yourself in your home decoration choices. These enchanting shades come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your every design need. They also feature a flexible set of features to help with light control in your living spaces. Their design involves combining two closely linked layers of fabric with tightly woven bands of color. The sheer fabric helps block sunlight’s UV rays from damaging your carpet, paintings, and furniture, while the solid stripes help with light control during the sunny hours. You really can have it all!


Solar And Roller Shades

If you have a house with lots of south facing windows, then this might be the perfect fit for you. Solar shades offer an entirely customizable level of sun and UV protection while giving you an elegant design that will uplift any household decor plan. The sheer fabric and light colors of solar shades are the perfect way to turn harsh glaring light into soft and flattering filtered light. If you’re a fan of a more modern look, roller shades might be the option for you. They are lightweight and easy to clean and are simple to operate. They can also help you have fewer hanging cords around the house that could get tangled or caught on furniture or could present a hazard for children. Safety and convenience in one great package!


In Conclusion

Speaking of having it all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your next window covering purchase. We can provide a helpful expert led in-home estimate that can have you well on your way to outfitting your home with energy and money saving shades that work best for you. No matter the budget, we can help make sure you have the right coverings you’ll need this year. Give us a call at: (208) 888-1056. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Posted by littleegg at 7/31/2020 7:20:00 PM
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