Keep Cool This Summer With Indoor Shades and Blinds

Summertime means higher temperatures in and around your home and with it come higher energy bills. There are dozens of ways you can optimize your home both inside and out so that you can save on energy costs, but one of the best ways is to reduce the amount of harsh sunlight that enters your home through your windows. That’s right. Putting up a new set of high tech modern shades in your windows is the perfect way to stay cool this summer and keep more money in your pocketbook. Let’s look at some of the brands and styles that you may want to have in your home this year!


High Tech Solutions To An Old Fashioned Problem

Sometimes you have to go a bit high tech when it comes to lowering your summer energy costs. In that case, we recommend adding motorization technology to your current shades or by purchasing new shades and installing the motorization features along with them. We can help you with both! We have a team of experts that can help give you a consultation on the best ways to add high tech mechanization to your home’s window coverings. With mechanization also comes automation! You can even hook up your motorized shades to your home’s smart station like Alexa or Google’s Home. They can then be set to open and close your blinds according to the current time of day and weather outside to make sure you get the most out of your technology and your blinds. 


Do As The Romans Do

Roman interior shades are an excellent addition to your home’s decor that will also help you save on your summer cooling costs. Roman style shades are a classic way to add a touch of sophisticated style and elegance to any room in the house. They also make fantastic sun blockers and come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and thicknesses. Get these especially if you have a lot of long vertical windows in your home. 


Interior Shades

Speaking of high technology, interior solar shades have some of the most high tech features on the market. Special metallic fabric helps to reduce the noticeable glare in your home yet let enough filtered light through to help reduce the need for lights during the day. Interior shades also help reduce heat energy build up by blocking much of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your windows. 


Our Service Guarantee

One of the best reasons to buy from Blind Appeal, aside from our excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff of experts, is our service guarantee. Any blinds or window treatments  purchased from Blind Appeal are backed not only by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, but even more importantly, are backed by Blind Appeal’s Service Guarantee. You will never pay for any service or repair for any product you purchase from Blind Appeal. The one exception is for Motorized products which come with a 5 year warranty on motors. If a motor ever does fail after 5 years, the only cost you would pay is the actual cost of a new or repaired motor. No additional service fees would ever be added. Interested? Call us today to get a free in-home estimate!


With that in mind, we hope that you have a safe and fun summer and are able to stay cool while saving money on energy costs!

Posted by littleegg at 6/19/2020 7:57:00 PM
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