Corradi Exterior Shades

We have so many great products to offer that are of the utmost quality and craftsmanship, but there is one brand that we’d like to highlight today: Corradi USA. We are proud to be carrying several of their products and we’d like to go over some of their special features and properties so you can find the right Corradi product for your home or business. That’s right, they can be used for commercial purposes as well! Let’s dive into more of what they have to offer. 


Exterior solar motorized shades by Corradi

Welcome to the future. With some sort of smart speaker (like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home) in just about every household these days, it’s no wonder that home automation demand is skyrocketing. If you have a smartphone and/or a smart speaker in your home, then you can control your shades with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. Adding this product to your home can take a regular home and turn it into a smart home. Did you know that smart-device controlled shades can help you save money? You can automate when the shades are open or closed to help better regulate your home’s temperature year round. Being smart really pays off in this case!


Corradi specializes in high end window coverings, including their highly sought after line of exterior solar motorized shades. Their exterior shades can be the perfect addition to your backyard sun porch area or can make a huge difference to your clients in an outdoor commercial environment. They can be installed at the opening of your garage and transform your garage into an insect free “extra” room that can be fun for the whole family year round. This is a really great choice if you need shade or insect protection in your home or small business outdoor dining area. If you have a west or south facing patio, then you’ll definitely want to install some exterior shades like these.



Corradi is a great choice for awnings. They use high tech and high quality fabrics from renowned suppliers and innovators like Para, Mermet, and Phifer. They make incredible awnings that provide excellent solar heat protection, light reduction, protection from harmful UV rays, and are made of Microban specialized antimicrobial protection that will help prevent rot and bacterial contamination. 


Make sure your next awning is a Corradi awning. They come in a variety of colors and shades like White, Desert Sand, Mocha, and Beige. You can really customize your outdoor dining or entertaining experience at your home to make sure that your guests are impressed and having fun. They even have great options and built in durability to help protect you and their fabrics from wind, rain, and other elemental factors. 



So, if you’re in the market for some good exterior solar shades or a new awning or just about any other window covering need, then make sure to give us a call and make sure to ask about one of our favorite brands, Corradi USA, a great company making exceptional products in Texas.

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