Getting To Know Us: Introducing Our Office Staff

The most important part about any company isn’t the products they sell or the services they provide, but the people that make up the company. We are so proud to have such a wonderful group of people on our staff that truly make our family business into one big extended family. Today, we are featuring three Blind Appeal team members, Denise Van Artsdalen, Katy Aguilar, and Brooke Rooker. 



Meet Denise!

My favorite part about working for Blind Appeal is that we are a family-owned business. I enjoy working with my brother (owner Frank Arroues) and his wife and two sons. Even my husband and son are part of the Blind Appeal team! We consider members of the Blind Appeal team as family. Most of the staff who are not directly related to us have initially been referred to us by family members. 

I have worked for Blind Appeal since June 1st, 2014. I oversee the Office Management and some of my other duties include Processing and Handling all Costco Member paperwork. Marketing and Management of all social media such as Instagram, Facebook, BBB, HOUZZ, and our website. I am involved in several Treasure Valley organizations, including Brokers Council of Realtors and BCA (Idaho Building Contractors Association). 

When I first started with Blind Appeal one of my favorite things was to watch my brother interact with potential customers. I remember the first time I went into a customer’s home with him and was amazed not only by his knowledge of the product but also by the way he related to people. One person on an Instagram post recently said, “Frank is a legend.” I love that! 


Meet Katy!


My favorite part about working with Blind Appeal is the family atmosphere. Not only do most of the family work within the company, Frank and Wendy make sure that all staff feel that family vibe. Although we might work in separate areas, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t laugh with one person or another! 

I have worked for Blind Appeal for just over a year as an Administrative Assistant. I am one of the first people you’ll speak to when you call in. I handle scheduling appointments, as well as taking payments and sending receipts. I also support management by assisting with newly implemented programs. 

I’ve known Frank for 16 or so years. Every now and then Wendy, his wife and Sales Development Coordinator, would ask me if I would want to come work with them, but before a year ago when I started, the timing was never right for one reason or another. Last year I left my position at my last job when my husband graduated with his Master’s degree and went into the workforce. I was looking for something that would be part time and would allow me to work from home, so I could stay with my daughter. I happened to see Wendy again in Costco and she asked again if I was looking for a job, which of course I was! A few months later I got a text from her, seeing if I was still interested. I had an interview the next was and was hired the night after! I’ve enjoyed every day since!

Meet Brooke!

My favorite thing about working at Blind Appeal is the team has welcomed me like family. I must send out a million emails a day asking questions and everyone has been completely understanding. 

I have only worked for the company since Nov. 1st, 2019 but I have known Wendy for years. As the Office Assistant, when you call Blind Appeal, you reach me! I schedule appointments, create invoices, take payments, and help maintain other computer programs that we use. 

As a new member of the team I am still learning the ropes and everyday has been an adventure for me!

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