Season's Greetings From Blind Appeal: A Holiday Letter

As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of staying connected to each other through the holidays. This holiday season, we wanted to connect with you, our incredible customers in the Treasure Valley and beyond. We truly wouldn’t be here without you in our lives and we will always continue to appreciate and work hard to earn your business. We appreciate all of our customers and want to take a moment to wish you all a very happy holiday season this year. What better way to celebrate family than to share some family-friendly bonding ideas with you that you can try out this year with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!


Here are some ways to enjoy the holidays with your family that won’t break the bank and will hopefully help you form some fond and lasting memories together. 


Holiday winter hike

One great way to bond with your family is to explore the great outdoors together. We recommend getting together this holiday season and planning a little nature hike together as a family. It’s a great way to get some exercise and spend quality time together without having to be out of pocket for the outing like when going out to eat or to a movie. It’s so great living in Idaho because we are surrounded by some of the best hiking trails in the world both in and around Boise. It’s also fun to pack some holiday snacks and plenty of hot cocoa!


Holiday baking/cooking competition

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Top Chef or a microwave chef, spending time with the family in the kitchen is a great way to create fun experiences and lasting holiday memories together. There are two ways that we like to have family fun in the kitchen. 


-Dinner cook-off: Split into teams until you have four evenly matched teams (either kids vs adults, or a mixed or random pair) and cook a small portioned dinner plate (typically a main protein with two sides). Then, the whole family tries all of the dishes and votes on the one they like the best by using a piece of paper. You can’t vote for your own dish so you must pick one of the other three. The winner gets bragging rights and everyone wins with a full belly of delicious food!


-Cookie bake-off: This is more of an individual event. Each person in the family bakes and decorates their own choice of cookie and then they all bring them together for a “cookie tasting.” Each cookie is scored by points on a paper ballot. You can do it like Iron Chef, or score however you’d like. The person with the most points is the winner! Although, technically we’re all winners because we get to eat a bunch of delicious cookies.


Holiday themed family book club

Whether you’re all still under the same roof or are in far flung states across the union, you can always find time to read a book. Books are great because they can be inexpensive, easy to ship and travel with, and don’t require batteries! Pick a holiday themed book for your whole family to read and have a fun book club party! It’s a fun way to share an activity together, especially if you are far apart during most of the year. 


Whatever you do with your family this holiday season, we hope that you are having fun and enjoying your time together. We are so grateful to be doing business in a community as spectacular as the Treasure Valley and we wish all of you the best holiday season this year!

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