Tips to Winterize Your Home with Ease

There are so many fun things to do around the holidays. It’s a joy to be out shopping during a quiet snowy day with Christmas lights lighting up storefronts and homes all around. Sipping a warm coffee or cocoa on a cold morning while lazily reading through social media or the newspaper is one of life's simple pleasures. With all the potential joy that winter brings, it also brings a good amount of hard work that must be done if you want to be able to sit back and enjoy the little moments. Let’s look at a few things that you should take care of around your home this winter so that you can get back to the things that really matter like making a Christmas list or perfecting your new cookie recipe.


Inspect Your Windows And Their Seals

To winterize your home, it’s a good place to start at one of the most important heat transfer centers: your windows. Inspect all of your windows, both inside and out, the first chance you get, usually in late fall or early winter. On the outside, look for cracks or gaps in the sealant around your windows at the edges. If there are signs of tearing or cracks, then it may be time to apply a new coat of waterproof silicone sealant to help keep cold air from seeping into your home. 


On the inside, if you notice water building up on the glass or around the edges of your windows, that is typically a sign that your window’s seal isn’t secure or that your window may just need to be replaced entirely. If you go too long with excessive moisture buildup, it can cause other problems besides just a high heating bill. It can cause mold or wood damage to the frame around the window. It’s important that you get any windows replaced or re-sealed if they are showing signs of failure.


Install Insulating Window Treatments To Keep Heat In

If you find that your home is hard to heat in the winter or you just want to help cut down on your heating bill, then it might be a good idea to install heavy insulated window treatments like insulated blinds and/or curtains. Since your windows are a primary culprit in heat loss in your home, it helps to have extra protection. Blind Appeal can help you with a custom quote for your winter window treatment needs.


Change Furnace Filter

This is an easy and cost-effective way to help winterize your home. We recommend doing it at least once every three months, but especially at the beginning of the winter. This helps keep crud out of your air in your home and helps to make sure your heater isn’t working overtime to keep you warm in the cold months.


Clean Out Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters can help you prevent a lot of winter headaches with just a little elbow grease. Cleaning out your gutters helps water drain properly from your roof and can help prevent the formation of dangerous ice dams as well.


Inspect Your Cement Walkways And Driveway

Make sure that your gutters are draining properly and not sending water across your walking paths at the entrances of your home. Clear out any dirt or debris before winter sets in, especially before the first snow. Stock up on de-icing salt and make sure that your snow shovels are in good working condition. 


We hope these tips were helpful and wish you the best during the upcoming winter and holiday season!

Posted by littleegg at 12/4/2019 11:22:00 PM
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