Window Safety For Children

Since October is National Window Covering Safety Awareness Month, we already wrote about some great tips for parents that can help keep their kids safe around blinds and other window coverings, but we thought we would go the extra mile and provide some tips for keeping children safe around windows in general, since even windows with safe (or safer) coverings can still present a hazard for small children. Let’s explore some quick and easy tips you can start doing today in order to help keep your children safe around the windows of your home. 


Safety Tip 1: Remember The “Four Inch Rule”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a lot of great safety tips for parents, including tips for keeping children safe around windows. They have a quick and simple rule called the “four inch rule” that you can implement today. What the rule means is that you shouldn’t have any windows in your house that can open more than four inches. To accomplish this, you can install window stops or locks that prevent your windows from being opened wider than four inches which will make it difficult for a young child to stick their head and body through. Take a moment to check all the windows in your home. Are they able to open more than four inches? If so, you may want to install a stop or lock that will keep them from opening all the way. 


Safety Tip 2: Don’t Rely On Window Screens For Safety

Most window screens are meant to keep bugs out and are not necessarily designed to prevent a small child from pushing their way out of an open window. Make sure that your screens aren’t the only thing between the inside of your house and the open air outside. You can install guards or additional reinforced safety screens to help prevent your child from pushing through a flimsy bug screen. 


Safety Tip 3: Look To The Garden

Look at the area around and directly below all of the windows in your house, especially the ones that are on the 2nd storey or above. Are there objects or plants that would hurt or otherwise add to injuries sustained from a fall from a window? If so, then consider moving them or removing them entirely from your property and instead plant soft shrubbery and mulch below windows to provide a landing area that is free from hard objects like sharp sticks or rocks. 


Safety Tip 4: Top Opening Windows

You may want to replace all of your opening windows with ones that open from the top instead of the bottom. This will go a long way to help prevent children from accessing them and opening them in a dangerous manner. 


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