Showcase That Beautiful Spring Garden Through Crystal Clean Windows

You’ve probably noticed that the spring flowers in your garden are starting to bloom and we are certain they look absolutely lovely, especially after the recent rain we’ve received. As you’ve been admiring that garden, you’ve also probably noticed there is more buildup of dirt and grime on your windows and well frankly they’ve lost that sparkle and shine you love while looking out or in. Not to worry!  Simply pick up the phone and give Blind Appeal a call and we’ll come out and restore that sparkle and shine to your windows in no time. Just think, you are only a phone call away from feeling like you can pull up the shades and not only show off that beautiful spring garden, but also your crystal clean windows at the same time without having to feel embarrassed that you haven’t gotten to that chore yet.  Here are three reasons why having your windows professionally cleaned in the spring is a great idea.



Reason #1 Enjoy Your Home and Yard With a Clear View

Spring is an active time of year and you may find yourself peering out through the windows more frequently as you watch the grass green up and grow a little taller, gaze out at those beautiful flowers, or look at that veggie garden you are preparing to plant. Of course, these views are even better when you can see clearly in and out of your windows without the headache of having to look at all layers of dirt and grime that’s built up. You’ll find that by having your windows professionally cleaned both inside and out you’ll be able to enjoy the spring sun that shines into your home that much more and love the warm feeling having clean windows creates in your home.

Reason #2 Spring Has Sprung Don’t Let the Bugs and Pests In

The bugs and pests are starting to crawl or fly right about now and with that you’ll want to make sure they stay out of your home. Having your windows professionally cleaned in the spring is a great time of year because our expert technicians will make your windows look so great you won’t have to open them to see outside!

Reason #3 Say Goodbye to the Dirt and Grime

The spring rains have left dirt and grime behind, which have formed a layer of film on your windows. You’ll want to be sure to have this professionally removed before the warm sun starts to bake that onto your windows making cleaning more difficult. Also, it’s a good idea to remove the dust and grime that builds up in the tracks of your windows and doors as this helps prevent allergies. Yes, we can appreciate by now that your spring to-do-list is growing quite long and that’s why we’d like to help you check one more thing off the list by calling in the professionals to clean your windows. Let our experts remove the dirt, grime, and dust from your windows today, so you can enjoy the crystal-clear views again that you love so much.  

Don’t wait to have clean windows this spring, call today for an estimate and to schedule a time our experts can come by and clean your windows. 208.888.1056

Posted by littleegg at 4/19/2019 9:43:00 PM
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