The Benefits of Having Good Blinds in Your Home

Having a good set of blinds and window coverings has other benefits as well that may reinforce your choice for purchasing the ones you are most in love with.

Let’s face it. A good set of blinds on your windows is essential. The way it ties into your overall decorating scheme brings everything together. It’s like an orchestra pulling off a virtuoso performance or a baseball pitcher pitching a perfect game. It just adds so much to your house to have custom and matching blinds and window coverings. However, the benefits aren’t just in looks alone! Having a good set of blinds and window coverings has other benefits as well that may reinforce your choice for purchasing the ones you are most in love with.

Blinds help save your furniture
The sun is essential to all life on the planet…except for the usable life of your home’s furniture. Without window coverings, your furniture can get exposed to sustained hours of harsh sunlight every single day. As the sun beats down on your furniture it can crack and dry out leather and fade the colors on your carpet and upholstery items. Blinds and window coverings can help elongate your furniture’s life and keep your rooms from getting sun bleached.

Save you money on air conditioning bills during the summer
A good set of blinds can block magnified light from your windows. This will keep the heat that is trying to get in during the summer months from building up in your home, especially in rooms with lots of windows or south facing homes that tend to get a lot of direct light in major traffic areas. Some blinds, like those with a honeycomb shape, can actually help provide a small degree of insulation from the cold as well, especially the triple celled varieties. Definitely better than a bare window by itself!

Blinds can help you with your health
Too much light in a room can leave the occupants suffering from excessive eye strain and even headaches and sunburns because many common windows don’t filter UV light which is harmful in large amounts (aka sunburns). Reduce eye strain and sun overexposure with a great set of blinds!

A good set of blinds or shutters is great for keeping unwanted sunlight out during the day and unwanted prying eyes out during the night. Having the option to cover your windows during the night time can help keep you and your family safe from would be burglars or home invaders. If you’re away on vacation or traveling for the holidays, having your house safe from those who would peek in and see your valuables is worth the cost of any window covering. If a burglar can’t see any valuables or if they see lights on inside and think that somebody may be home, then they will be more likely to choose a softer target and stay away from your family.

Blinds are a good investment
Blinds not only save you money on your heating and cooling bills, but they can also help to increase the resale value of your home. A home that is outfitted with a set of matching blinds and window coverings can dramatically increase the likability and curb-appeal of your home to potential buyers. If they see that you took the time to outfit your windows with beautiful coverings, then they will be willing to spend a little more up front to have them as their own. Compared to a house without any blinds or with cheap and failing blinds, your house will seem like a luxurious palace, in a manner of speaking.

Blinds are always a great part of a complete home. They can help you save money, stay healthier, and improve the functionality of the rooms you use the most. We will walk you through the selection process step by step and help you select the right products for your home by manufacturers that help you stretch every dollar even further. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate. It will be well worth your time.


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