"Spring into Summer" Exterior Solar Shade Special

“Spring into Summer”  Exterior Solar Shade Special:  May 1- June 30 receive an extra 10% off our motorized and manual exterior solar shades. Our everyday prices on the Exterior Motorized Solar Shades also include electrical and remote.

Exterior Solar Shades absorb heat, reduce glare, block the sun, reduce energy bills, and increase privacy while keeping the view – all of which help create the ideal ambiance. The exterior solar shades provide a comfortable interior by blocking solar rays, which protect furnishings, reduces glare and also saves money on heating and cooling costs. Motorized exterior screens can also be used in places such as windows, doors, and even larger openings to create a pleasant and pest-free outdoor area to enjoy.

There are many kinds of exterior solar shades, some of which include Zip Screens (a great exterior screen for outdoor room enclosures, helping to prevent color fade of your furniture, blocks up to 90% of the heat and glare, and provides insect protection), and Self-storing Solar Screens (filter out 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, retracting into a self-storing cassette style hood).

We would love to come and do a free, no obligation estimate for your home’s exterior solar shades in time for the summer months.

The diagram to the left demonstrates how Exterior Solar Shades can reduce the effect of the sun’s absorbed energy inside your home by 70%.

We have already installed several exterior solar shades this year, in preparation for the warm summer days and nights.

Please see our pictures posted on this blog for a few of our exterior solar shade installations.

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